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i'm vlad.
17 years old and awkward af.
i like playing soccer, and if we have that in common, thumbs up.
and my pictue looks like f/cking s/it , f u size limit.


darkvlader's Favorite Quotes

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My graduation speech:
I would like to thank google, wikipedia, and most of all copy and paste, for what I have acheived today.

Different denotes neither
bad or good
but it certainly means
‘not the same’

*singing wrecking ball by Miley cyrus*
"Don't you ever say I just walked away I will always..."
*hardcore metal scream*


bruno mercury, bruno venus,
bruno earth, bruno mars...
Class Mate: Haii Can I Borrow A Pen ?
Me: -Thinks- Mhm What Pen Dont I Want Back
My Wedding Day
You may now kiss the bride.
Me: Ewww. Boy Cooties.

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In a Party A Handsome guy
askd a girl,"are you going 2
She felt so happy and said-"yes"
The guy said-"thats gud, so can i have your chair?"
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