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my name is tori im 19 and from londonderry nh ive been through a lot of stuff and still fighting some ive come so far and itll be two years from the last time i cut in feb. its been a hard road but ive had my amazing boy by my side the hole time i couldnt do it with out him i love you jaybear!!

Quotes by darkxdaydream

We had one of those days yesterday were we talked about things we needed to work on. After almost 4 years we still help eachother grow. That is love. Love is growing love is talking and love it being there.

Promise me that you will never turn your back on me... unless it's so I can hold you and snuggle my face into you neck... if you want that you can turn you back at me as much as you want. :) ♡
Oh yes please ignore me for my brothers... I really dont care anymore.... I want to go to my room and cry because your here for me and you haven't said anything to me in almost an hour... thanks I love you too
I don't think I'll be eating today.... I'm too upset to think about food...

I made my live sad yesterday. I told him that I have been falling back to bad habits. I've been falling back to not eating to not wanting food. I know it hurts him and I don't like it. I just wish I could fix it.

The best thing ever is when you wake up next to the man you love.
He coming over tonight after he gets out of class. I need to make him smile and hold him tight I love him so much I hate when he's sad

Sometimes he makes me worry about him... and that kills me...

i just had a funny face fight with my kitten.... i need a life...
sometimes i text him and act like im talking about another girl (meaning me) and i ask him how much he loves her.... today he said he loved her lots and lots when i asked what number would he pick for how much he loved her he said sideways 8 <3 i love that boy so much i dont know how i got so lucky