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Dayna<33 i Am 14 , i'll Blow out 15 candles on november 20th 2012 . i Am hard to figure out but you can try <3 , Ask anybody i'm Pretty awesome. i Hate bra's w. a passion but i Have to wear them -,- lmfaoo ! i Love drama but i Hate it when i'm in it . i Have one person i Could trust w. my life , my bestfrienddd <3 My life is like hell , but i know things are going to get better eventually. i Love wearin makeup (Eyeliner) hehe ^.^ but i Hate putting it on ! i Have a fear of being alonee.. i Wonder everydaay what m life will be likee . I'm singlee all the way :* but sometimes i Miss having a boyfriend.
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Quotes by daynarose1120

Don't cut..
I know it may make you feel better now but later on in life you'll have those scars reminding you of those hard times.

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I don't use the restroom at school because..
I don't want people to here me pee
Just me?


I have always wondered why

Chinese food is so fattening
Most chinese people are skinny ?

Jusst me?

Without you is like;
A shoe without laces<3 & A sentence without spaces<3


Thos days...
  Were you just want to turn up the music , 

  Scream , and shut out everybody for a little while

I am done ! 

I'm done making people's problems mine
Because every time i do
I get screwed over for it!

  Life is short don't waste it
Life is sweet take time to taste it
Life is a journey find the right path
Life is entertaing don't be afraid to laugh
Life is a chance make sure you take it
Life is what you make it



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Mistakes are painful when they happen 
But years later
Mistakes are put into a book of lesson
You live it learn it but don't forget it!


Good friends are , Hard to fine , Difficult to leave , and Impossible to forget