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Hello! It seems to appear you have stumbled onto my account! :D haha. I'm a loving person, so you can leave a comment and I'll get back to you ;D But, if you're a sexy person, I'll try to get back to you sooned xD jaykay you're all sexy. Here's a little about myself:
I run cross-country and track
I'm 14 years young 
I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and VERY fare skin
I play piano, saxophone, and guiatr
I love alternative music
I live on Long Island in New York
I don't like pickles
Just saw breaking dawn. i have to say, kristen stewart has more than one facial expression xD i think the twilight movies are the exception to the "books are better than the movies" sorta thing. The movies are good, the books are just terrible.
Well, some cool pages to check out are:

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Quotes by dearmariacountmein

Just two kids, stupid and fearless. ♥
Just two kids, stupid and fearless. ♥
Take a breath, and let the rest come easy.  

You are chatting with a random stranger! Say Hi!

Stranger: hey

You: Knock Knock

Stranger: Who's there?

You: Disco

Stranger: Disco who?

You: Disconnect

you have now disconnected

h a s
When your friends say really innapropiraite things in front of you family 
Never mind, I'll find someone, like you 
   A good friend
             knows all of your stories 

    But a
best friend
                  has lived those stories with you

See the difference?
♥   ♥   ♥


i really hate it when. . .
You're about to tell someone something important but then you swallow in the wrong way and you end up coughing for 10 minutes

N        M                 F