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Debbiex3if you're going to change this picture, please make sure the width is 140, and the height is 93. or else it will look rather stupid.

You're beautiful, stay strong.
Sup, My name is Debbie. I'm 15 years young. I trust noone, and eventually everyone gets sick of me.

my mind -i don't bite -follow  Don't question my quotes, It's frank;y none of your bussiness. 

Quotes by debbiex3

You're way too young,
To be this empty.

I love being happy,
              oh wait                                                that was just a dream.

No, really. It's okay,
Everyone leaves me in the end, anyway.


Those random flashbacks
That break your heart all over again.

here we go again,
i kinda wanna be more than friends.

For every scar
you have, it's a battle you've                         lost with yourself.


And I don't know why,
     I can't keep my eyes off of you.


Suicide is your way of saying to God,
You can't fire me, I quit.


There's you and me,
                                                                                             and all the other people.                                                


was it that easy,
                                                 to forget me?