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Hii there! I see you are looking at my profile. (This means you're a stalker. but that's cool.) I've felt like the world was against me multiple times but I knew it wasn't cause my friends were always there for me and always will be. My life = facebook, music, witty, my friends, and family. My best friend is on witty so if you like my quotes, then you should definately check hers out! She has a lot more than me even though i  joined sooner but that's ok. Check out her quotes (indiansoul96)!! :)So...I'm single but loving almost every minute of it. At times I wish I had a boyfriend but I'm happy without one. I'm really easy to entertain/talk to so if you have any problems, I've been through a lot so comment if you like :) adios!! 

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 Funny thing is, you think I care.




And all I really want,
is for there to be an

 High school.

      New rules. New teachers. New students. New friends. New   relationships. New break-ups. New cliques. New jocks. New preps. New geeks. New nerds. New class clowns. New stereotypes. New fights. New drama. New homework. New life. 

New me.


I see him for
[The first time]
And I'm gonna walk in there
Not caring what he 
(or any of his friends)


I miss him like crazy....
But he'll never know
He broke up with me and was fine
I cried myself to sleep
His life is fun without me
My life is boring without him
He never wants to talk
I miss talking to him 24/7
He's fine without me
I'm miserable without him
I was nothing to him
He was everything to me
His life will be perfect without me
My life will never be the same.

What happened to opposites attract?
I keep hoping he's the message in my inbox that I get to reply to.
you promised me you wouldn't break my heart,

now you've    b r o k e n   two things...
Thinking of you
Gives me
b u t t e r f l i e s
we smile
Just to keep back
the tears