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Cleaned my slate, I'm depressed, I have confidence issues, I hate myself. No point wiriting about it, all it does is cause pain. I've attempted suicide 15 times .Been cheated on.Hate myself.Have a fear of turning into a monster.Sadly I haveMy names Declan, call me Deck. I'm 18 and I'm on the edge. If I leave I plan to go helping as many others as possible.I've hurt the girl I love, Liv. I just wish I was better, stronger, more perfect. But that's not the case

heyy ma homies its liv (i_will_awake_down_the_line)
well there is so much i can say about decran here :3
deck is one of the closest people to me
he seriously knows everything about me...which is scary because im weird and im suprised that you dont pay me out :p im glad you dont though :)
deck is like the sweetest guy like EVER :D
you guys should talk to him because he is amazing
deck is so strong and its amazing that he is still alive and still pushes forward
sadly me and deck recentally split up
so he isnt mine anymore :'(
he still totally owns my heart
i love him so much
like deck i love you so much
im so glad that your getting happy :)
i wouldnt be suprised if every girl started hitting on you and wanted you
when you get a girlfriend im going to be so happy for you :)
because you will be happy
and like i said the first time we started talking, your like the brother i always wanted
so ill always be around :D
unless thats weird :p
byyyyyeeeeeee yallllll :D 
^^ epic song that always makes me think of how i feel for this boii ^.^