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helllo beautifullll * :)
i'm dee!
14 years old
january 23
anything else, ask!
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I remember the first time I f ell for you...
I havent gotten up since.

Congratulations Kevin, you deserve everything!

#teamkevin <3

Now that I found someone new you decide to come back.


format by jimmy365

Some people call it
Valentines Day

while I call it


Can we put the "us" back in


Before you, I was never  so emotional.

No one could make me cry, and no one made me think so hard.
But now the tears flow like rain from the saddest sky there is,
and my frantic thoughts are tearing me apart.
I'm not going to let it end this way.
I'm done feeling sorry for myself,
and I'm done being broken,
and I'm done letting you make me feel like that at all.
I'm going to make myself stronger, no matter how I have to do it,
because these thoughts are enough to drive someone insane,
and I'm not going to let that be me anymore,

I'm   takin a   stand

Not even a million fights
could make me stop
loving you


Every single one of those love songs,
you think of him.


I can't stand all these people being sad all the time and wanting to kill themselves...

So this is for everyone;

I'm here for you.


is it snowing?

i dont know, check facebook!