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hey there. im natalie. im pretty chill and usually one of the guys. i l o v e sports with all my heart. since i am one of the guys, i have major issues expressing how i feel so i usually just keep it all bottled up inside, but whatever, it works for me. swimming, water polo, and cheer are my passions. ive been cheering for 11 years, swimming for 8 years, and playing water polo for 2. I have a deep passion for the military and nursing so i obviously wanna be a military nurse, but being a therapist is up there too. i think i give pretty good advice so if you need anything im always here no matter what the issue is. all of my friends drink and party but i lost a grandparent to alcohol so i stay away from it and i dont really care if i get crap about it. well thats about it.stay beautiful<3 

Quotes by delps2451

It is amazing how many nights I have gone to bed thinking about the same thing, crying about the same thing, hating myself because of the same thing, or being miserable because of the same thing.
I need to be happy again.

Im slowly falling apart. Piece by piece. Tear by tear. The only sad part is, no one is even there to keep me together.

Oh because your self conscious and you don't like other people telling you good things about you because you don't see it and you act all hard to get and tough because you are actually very soft and loving person once the outside barrier is broken. You see the world as a struggle where it's you against the world where really its not.
At all.

Lost a little sanity to gain a little clarity. 

If I apologize, I MEAN IT! 
Do not stand there and question everything. I will walk away and never come back. 

I liked him so much.
He taught me how to:
Drive Stick
Play the Guitar
Play the Piano

He always:
Held My Hand
Drove Me Home
Sent Me Goodmorning/night Texts

All of this and he wasn't even my boyfriend
What was he?


now that is gone. 

He is my BEST FRIEND and he lives SIX HOUSES AWAY and I still can't tell him how much I truely like him. 

Ladies: Place your heart in the hands of God

and he will place it in the hands of a man who

he believes deserves it.

keep in faith><> 

The only things constant in my life are
my family, God, and change. 


If I see one more One Direction quote I am going to