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hey there. im natalie. im pretty chill and usually one of the guys. i l o v e sports with all my heart. since i am one of the guys, i have major issues expressing how i feel so i usually just keep it all bottled up inside, but whatever, it works for me. swimming, water polo, and cheer are my passions. ive been cheering for 11 years, swimming for 8 years, and playing water polo for 2. I have a deep passion for the military and nursing so i obviously wanna be a military nurse, but being a therapist is up there too. i think i give pretty good advice so if you need anything im always here no matter what the issue is. all of my friends drink and party but i lost a grandparent to alcohol so i stay away from it and i dont really care if i get crap about it. well thats about it.stay beautiful<3