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Desiree/14/Harry Styles ♥ 
If you cant tell from the obvious ^^ Im Desiree, **Des-er-ay** 
and im 14 years old.  Im in love with One Direction.
Marry me Harry Styles?


Quotes by desireemarie

but even if it kills me,
Im going to smile.

every girl is capiable of murder, if

you hurt her;;


i can feel my happiness slipping away,,

with every breath i breathe.

No, go ahead, you can like her, and do whatever you guys want.
Just remember,,

your killing me.

My heart was taken by you,
and it was broken by you. 
Now it's in pieces because of you.
So thanks.


Please dont be in love with someone else,, <|3


Im a differnet person when im  not with my friends..
I wish he saw that.


honestly, i think its kinda funny
that you waste your breathe talking about me,

My head says, 
"who cares?"
But then my heart whispers,
"you do stupid."


If you're gonna be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty. 

- Marilyn Monroe