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who are you
to tell us
who we are
who are you
you're a fiend
you're a liar

confessions from a mad girl's diary.
 Love is not enough. I still want to tear my skin from the outside in.
 I have let my bones get picked apart like carrion. I did it. I bit my nails down to the quick.
 Fear is not my mother tongue. I do not speak it. It speaks me.
 This is what I had to tell myself today: I exist. I exist. I am here. This world is not imaginary. Neither am I.
 I am not gentle. I am not kind.
— Venetta Octavia, What We Left Behind.
so many people have told me
that i need to open up

but not a single person
understands that every time

i pry apart my rib cage,
releasing all of the butterflies

that have been hiding there
for years,

people are too busy swatting
them away

to realize what i have done
for them.


Before you know it, it’s 3 am and you’re 80 years old and you can’t remember what it was like to have 20 year old thoughts or a 10 year old heart.

Find someone who traces
the lines in your hands just to
feel close to you, and
someone who believes
the ocean is trapped in your
Find someone who loves
the bones in your body
and loves the
skin that you live in.
Find someone who will help
you love yourself.


I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
breathing in your dust
I wanna be your Ford Cortina
I will never rust
if you like your coffee hot
let me be your coffee pot
you call the shots
I wanna be yours

I wanna be your raincoat
for those frequent rainy days
I wanna be your dreamboat
when you want to sail away
let me be your teddy bear
take me with you anywhere
I don’t care
I wanna be yours

I wanna be your electric meter
I will not run out
I wanna be the electric heater
you’ll get cold without
I wanna be your setting lotion
hold your hair in deep devotion
deep as the deep Atlantic ocean
that’s how deep is my devotion

I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible, and when I leave, you will finally understand why storms are named after people.
This quote does not exist.

I wish more people cared about the earth as much as they cared about who they believed created it.

that calming feeling of satisfaction

 of knowing that you are theirs and they are yours.