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hopelessly in love.

Quotes by dfaye

I really think this could work.
Do I like you or the idea of having someone who is afraid to be alone, too?

Give me everything you've got and I'll give you everything I"ve got. simple as that.
I just hope one day, you miss me as much as I missed you. 
I don't know if I miss you, or if I missing having someone
Finally content with always kind of being in love with you. 
A year later and I'm still in love with you... and you dont care.
The first person you love really sets the standard so high.. its practically untouchable..
When you've loved the same person for four years, no one else is good e3nough. and that really sucks..
True love is putting someone elses happiness before you own, because you would rather hurt for them to be happy. Even if it means youre not together anymore..