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i love my boyfrnd B R O D Y he is da best thing that eva happened to me. :)

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im like Gellete the best a guy can get
once upon a time there was this gurl who loved this guy mre then n e thing in da world. She told him how much she loved him everyday. He ddnt understnd that her love for him was true. So she told him that she would marry him when she graduated. they have lived happly since then and everyone hates that they are together. The gurl doesnt care what her friends and family think because they dont undrstnd that they are madly in love. (the rest of the story will be told later in life when they either get married or break up)
shorty dropp it to da ground like she aint got manners to much booty for one man to handle. cuz all i need is a one night scandle.

dame little mama no you fit my standarts your the type that make me grip that handle

clap clap clap clap shake that thang shake that thang!

_idk who sings it but it has LUDA in it_
ya no who ur tru frnds r wen u break up wit ur man n only 1 ov um dnt ask him out.
ya no who ur tru frnds r wen u break up wit ur man n only 1 ov um dnt ask him out.
Dnt hate me cuz u aint me.
there was always that one guy that made you wanna get up in da morning and go to school. TILL HE GRADUATED!!! i miss you BOOOOOOOOOO!
Baby Girl i aint got a huge ol house i rent a room in the house listen baby girl i aint got a motor boat but i can float your boat listen baby girl once you get a dose of dope you cnt say no.