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It's been a long time but, here I am a high school graduate C/O 2K16!.
I will admit it's scary out here in the real world, but I know that I'm going to be fine. Alot has changed in a few years brownsnuffle is still my best friend.  I miss thesweetheart dearly she is amazing still I love them both so much. I on the other hand am still evolving into a beautiful butterfly.
I've had a few minor setbacks but who doesn't.
Right now it is currently Saturday June 17th 2017 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES V. 
Yeah I'm all about living in the now, life is too short to worry about who saying what about you, or care what the next person is doing, I'm living my life for me so shouldn't I live it how I choose? Just food for thought.
Okay I'm signing off for now but not for long. 

Quotes by different

you are the only person who can stop you from reaching your destiny so take the limits off and start running
      Life is the moments of an unwritten dream
If you press on
     you write the rest of story
and you can get the glory
     you author of  the journey
you can illustrate the picture in the risk that we take
     you can take my hand and show me way
Lets write a book of life for the children
      lets show them how life can turn around
lets do the impossible
      lets do the unthinkable
I feel this surge of energy
       I like the way it feels running  through me
It causes me to be
       only things heaven can be
I am the master diaster
        I am the master diaster  
What do you think about that

I say what you think 
You don't say one thing

Silence is the loudest Scream
So loud it's Deafening
Black splotches on my heart
From th people that tore me apart
I'm forced to keep moving on 
Even though my heart can stop at any moment
I haven't been on Witty in 2 YEARS!!! but i'm a junior now and I'm not the same person I was two years ago Im completely the opposite. I love all of my curves and edges. thesweetheart and brown_snuffle are still my bestfriends through all we went through we are currently looking for apartments so things are going great. I decided to give my life back to the LORD AMEN God helped me realize that I am valued far above any precious jewel so yeah just wamted to let my followers know that and I REALLY MISSED YOU GUYS so let's ROCKon CUZ IM BACK BABY
People need to stop getting angry with themselves and take their problems to God