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My name is Delaney.  Some of the things I really like to do are: play piano, dance, sing, swim, read, Go to the beach, Shop, and play card games. I love love love LOVE cats.  I have a bunch friends and they are the best, Especially my Bff Erica. she has always been there for me and I love her <3. My favorite kind of music is probably country or pop. I like most kinds of music but country and pop are my favorites. I love love love love,Taylor Swift, I really really really hope I will be able to meet her someday, that would be the most amazing, magical  thing ever!!! My 3 favorite songs are Last Christmas by Taylor Swift, Red also by Taylor Swift, and I knew you were trouble by Taylor Swift. 13 and 19 are my lucky numbers.  My favorite movies are Letters to Juliet, National treasure,The Hunger Games, and Now you See Me. My favorite food is totally chocolate chip cookies. My favorite holiday is Christmas. My favorite color is purple. Oh I also love snow!! ;)


Quotes by dillygirl13

No matter what happens in life be good to people.

Being good to people is a wonderful

legacy  to leave behind.

- Taylor Swift
I know That it's early but I can't

wait for

Christmas!!!! :D
Take my hand and my heart races
The crush, um.... lets see.... OVER IT!!!!!! :D
Someday I will be preforming in front of thousands of people. Someday I will be walking the red carpet. Someday I will be famous because this is my dream, the dream that I am following.
All I know now is that I need to find something, but the thing is I

don't know what that something is.

Summers here! Ocean waves, here I

come! :D

You just don't get it.
You may not believe it but your never truly alone. You have an angel with you.