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my regular heartbeat:


my heartbeat when i see you:


It's a Sweater; it's a Vest!
it's a sweater - vest! :D

I Hope You Know
y o u r   a l l   I   e v e r   t h i n k   a b o u t 

Girl: Hey!
Boy: Hi.
Girl: What's wrong?
Boy: There's a girl I really want to ask out, but I'm too nervous..
Girl: Aww, you can practice asking her out on me.
Boy: Okay.. Well, you're amazing. You're absolutely beautiful and you're funny and smart and everything I could ever wish for. Will you go out with me?
Girl: Yes. See, it was easy! Now go and ask her out.
Boy: I just did..


So Today..
myself and my boyfriend had a fight. 

...No ordinary fight...
It was a fight that included
a milk carton, and a knife.
Lets just say the milk carton didn't make it.



we used to talk for hours.
i m i s s t h a t
now we can't even hold a conversation for 5 minutes.
i m i s s y o u.
They say;

Birthmarks are where you were killed 
in your last life.

i have a birthmark on my tongue.
what the hell happened?

Boy, I know this might sound crazy  
But I think I wanna marry you