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Hello I'm Dino and this is me.

Where were you
                                                             And all I needed was a call

When everything was falling down?                                             That never came.

Quotes by dino_saursx3

And the sudden realization comes creeping in

when you realize that you miss home

but don't have a home to go back to.
Realizing there is actually a reason
why you have a song stuck in your head

So my friend has a little sister in third grade
(I got to school in Mexico and its a bilingual school)
my friend was absent today,
her little sister comes up to me while we were waiting to be picked up
 she asks me "Will you read this with me?" holding up a book
it was in Spanish and she doesn't speak it very well.

I sat down on the floor and started reading out loud a paragraph
and helping her out when it was her turn to read.

Please give me seven minutes of your time and you won't regret it. 
Watch this video called To This Day 


Then you might give seven more minutes to someone who needs them.
Just watch, I have to share this video. 
There is no other place better than here.

Home is where the

heart is... 

but my heart isn't here


a bruise<3
how on earth did i 
get that?
i wonder how much it 
if i pre

credit to my sister; chocolate_monsterx3
Wanna see something


First finish reading this

Second go to the top of the


Third hover over the word


Fourth be amazed.




             Justlove the format

           Saving it :)

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Quick go to


now see the Vent option?

Click on it

Now do you get why

Steve took it off?

Does anyone know
why the background is