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Quotes by directioner16

Will you still love me when I've got nothing but my aching soul?

- Lana Del Rey
" I actually look good today with no makeup, in sweat pants, and with my hair in a messy bun "

- said no girl ever
This is a poem I wrote for my english class last week.

Love is when  you can't get them out of your head. 
You just sit there thinking about them in your bed.
Everything you see reminds you of them.
When you're walking down the hall is when you see him.
That's when you look into his deep green eyes,
The same time you see everything he hides.
That's when you realize why you love him.
He has me. But you still have my heart.
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"Top Today"
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but it doesn't matter because nobody's listening.
I stopped talking you so you would miss me.
But in the end I'm the one missing you more than ever. ❤
I guess I should've been more like her. ❤

- Miranda Lambert
I defended you when others said crap.
I trusted you with my heart.
I believed you when you said you liked me.
I chose you over my friends.
I gave up everything for you.

In return, you gave me a broken heart.