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Jamie Dean Adams.♥17 Years Old. Senior At Hamilton High School. Country Girl , Born And Raised. I Have A Big Heart And I Will Help Anyone I Can. Well Get To Know Me (:  
                            YOU'RE ONE IN A MILLION.♥
                         DON'T FORGET TO LOVE YOURSELF.♥
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; A Country Girls Bucket List <3 

- Tell my best friend that I can't see him with anyone else but me...

- Graduate High School.

- Lay in a truck bed and look at stars.

- Go horse back riddin' with  all of my friends.

- Go to college.

- Join the Navy.

- Go sky divin'.

- Write a song.

- Sing in front of a crowd.

- Get my own house before I'm 20.

- Lose 50 pounds.

- Swim with sharks.

- Do a backflip on a dirt bike.

- Own a 68 Mustang Fastback.

- Have a baby boy and name him Landen Blake <3 .

- Go to church more.

- Visit Las Vegas.

- Go ghost huntin' in a haunted place.

- Drive a monster truck.

- Drag race. 

- Demolition derby.

- Go to Daytona to watch NASCAR.

- Stop blamin' myself for my Grandpa committin' suicide.

- Visit Broadway.

- Meet Brantley Gilbert <3 .

- Go to the Bahamas.

- Go see the Northern Lights in Alaska.

- Go cliff jumpin'.

- Go to France.

- See the Eifel Tower.

- Stop smokin' cigarettes.

- Find a best friend.

- Visit all 50 states.

( More To Come Later )


When It Seems Like The Whole World Has Walked Out On You ,

I'll Be The One Tappin' On Your Shoulder To Show You That I'm Still Here

That Awkward Moment When

Your Teacher Sees You On Witty And Says ,

" I Have One Of Those. "


That Awkward Moment When

You Close The Binder Ring On Your Hand And You Feel Like The World Is Ending.

Listen to your head , NOT your heart.

Cause if you listen to your heart

it's goin' to get broken.


I made this quote so please don't steal it. K ? Thanks :D .

 When I needed a place to hang my heart ,
You were there to wear it from the start.
And with every breath of me ,
You'll be the only light I see


Every Breath By Boyce Avenue <3
Check Them Out.
They Go On Tour In 2012 :D .

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Thanks so much for those of you who did this

That Moment When You

Cry so hard your throat swells up and you can barely breath or when you feel that horrible achin' in your chest.
When you want to shut everyone out but you want to tell them how you feel at the same time.
When you just want to lay in bed all day and listen to sad songs.
Or maybe just get a bowl of ice cream and watch sad movies.
Take long walks to try and forget what you had but instead you remember all the good times you spent with each other and the feelin' could almost knock you to your knees.
That's when you 've felt a true heart break </3
- Jamie

 What Was The Mistake ; 
 Fallin' in 
Love or Lettin' it Go ?