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Jamie Dean Adams.♥17 Years Old. Senior At Hamilton High School. Country Girl , Born And Raised. I Have A Big Heart And I Will Help Anyone I Can. Well Get To Know Me (:  
                            YOU'RE ONE IN A MILLION.♥
                         DON'T FORGET TO LOVE YOURSELF.♥
Flashing Black and White

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I just watched the fresh prince of bel air, and there was like, two extra verses in the theme tune.. o_O can anyone explain?
Girls. Please. Look in the mirror. Did it crack? No, cause you're beautiful! Step on the scale. Did it break? No, cause you're perfect the way you are! Now think of all the hard stuff you've been through. Are you dead? No, cause you're strong! Now think of your imperfections. Your scars, inside and out. Your emotions, your appearance, EVERYTHING. Do these things make you ugly? No, because they're what makes you original! And is that a bad thing? HELL NO! So stop judging yourself! Stop hating yourself! Stop wishing you were someone else! Stop cutting. Stop the suicide attempts. Cause you are the only 'you'. And theres someone out there who loves everything about you. Please, stay strong for him. Stay strong for your parents, your family, your friends... But most importantly, stay strong for you! Because you're an amazing person who is going to do amazing things someday. So please, darling,

Friend: whats wrong?
Me: nothing im just tired
Mind: (of being treated like dirt, of feeling worthles, of people, of society, of boys, of my so called "friends", of school, of my parents, of stress...)



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Never underestimate
the pain of a person
that dares to put the blade
on their wrists.
Me: Compliments make me uncomfortable.
Him: Why?
Me: Because I feel like I'm being lied to.

Me in the morning: Wow did I lose weight or something....?.
Me after lunch: 
I'm so fat omg what is this
Me in the afternoon: I'm gonna start my diet right now
Me eating Dinner: Curves are beautiful. I am beautiful.  
Me after Dinner: I hate myself.
Me in the middle of the night: I'm hungry but I don't wanna wake up.

Hey Wittians, Can you promise me one thing?
Never Ever Give Up...
You always have something to live for...
This is my stand against suicide,
I'm not saying that i haven't ever tried it,
I'm saying that you are all better than it!
Stay Strong please?


If you need someone to talk to, i'm here

Dear bestfriend,

I promise to be your lesbian lover whenever a strange male hits on you.

Excuse me wittians,
As a guy i get lots of hate from some girls, a certain few really...
So i have been informed that you fave my quotes and follow me for being a guy!
So if this is the case, i would like you to unfollow me, and please unfave my quotes unless you actually like them...
Help me get less hate by faving this if you like me for my quotes not for my Pen*s
~Thank you for reading