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Hello :)

Hello fellow wittyers! I made this account for YOU! I make quotes advertiseing for your account I do have another account on witty and If you really want to know I will tell you but I am not going to put it in my profile. If you would like to request a quote the rules are in the box next to this one ------------>
Hello welcome to the request box! There are a few rules for requesting and here they are!
1)Pick a font or fonts. I can do any fonts but if you want a super special font you will have to give me a code for it
2) What colors do you want it. Faded un-faded
3) Any bold italics or underlines?
4) What would you like it to say?
5) any backround colors or shadows or anything?
6) Anything I didn't mention?

If you are having toruble deciding look at some of the other requests for ides


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