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hey sexi's♥
my name is izzy and i'm 14 years young
they candles get  blown out on March 24th 
I love justin bieber in case you havnt noticed and Im also a huge fan of taylor swift. I am pretty shy and quiet in school but I am wild and crazy with my friends. I am the  CLOSEST with my best friend clara, you should add her  clarabeara 
I go to DGS! and softball is my life. I love this boy named sean who broke my heart, but i need to get over him ASAP!  I'm loving high school so far just not all the hard work. I can be the nicest person to you but mess with my friends or my family orbe prepared to get your ass kicked. Haters can leave what ever comments you want, all your doing is wasting your time. I take all of your nasty comments and wipe my ass with them, so bring it on. anyway I'm loving life and trying to have no regrets. <3  oh and I have a unicorn with my best friend clara. yeah. 
my favorite words to text are
ok, okay, k, fun and cool. <3
just in case you were wondering. lol

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