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My own life
Chapter 2

"So how amazed were your parents?" I slam my locker.
"Suze we had a quick dinner cuz I was exhausted and Luke had a lacrosse thing last night."
"But that doesn't make any sense! The lacrosse team has a game today!"
"It was an important practice okay? Sorry I have to go give Kendall her mascara back. I borrowed it for Minnesota and I still haven't given it back."
"She has like fifty! Her parents buy her whatever she wants to makeup for the fact that they like ignore her. I have something important to tell you."
"Foster parents," I remind her. I can't help but think about when I was best friends with Kendall and she would open up to me. "Anyway I don't like owing people anything. Whatever is so important it can wait a few minutes right?"
"Nope. I'm gonna tell you now anyway. Scott's gonna ask you out today so don't you dare be walking around in your dance booty shorts before you walk to practice." I roll my eyes. "What you don't believe me? Just wait and see you player!" 
"And this is my cue to leave. Bye." I walk over to Kendall talking to her blonde and perfect friends. "This is your's sorry it took me so long I kept forgetting it."
"Finally I get what I deserve from you." She looks angry. 
"I deserved that spot and we both know it. They probably didn't want a brat like you."
"Then explain to me why I stayed after to find out that the reason I didn't move up was because they didn't want to hurt all the bad ones' feelings for not being as good, and they need a role model like me. Don't ask me why they have the failures like Vanessa in there who are never going to move up. But don't worry, I'll be with you in a week's time."
"Vanessa is in sixth grade. We're in eighth. You can't be so mean to a little kid." She laughs. "See you in class."

"Sammy why are you dressed for class?" Suzy looks completely puzzled and I'm horrified.
"We always walk to class together from school. Please be joking."
"Idiot! You start an hour after me. I knew you wanted an excuse to be in booty shorts around for Scotty." I scowl.
"So what do I do for an hour? Should I walk over to the studio?"
"And wait around for an hour? No way just hang out here I'm sure you'll find something to do." Suddenly I wish I wasn't so advanced. "I have to go or Kendall's gonna get there first and be, well obnoxious. See ya chica!"
I walk around nervously and head to my locker to pretend to be busy. "Sammy?" I look over at the sound of a boy's voice. "I have to tell you something. Umm I play lacrosse with your brother. It's urgent." My heart feels like it's stopping.
"What happened to Luke? Did you call my parents? Is he okay? Should I go to the hospital? Oh my god," I sit down on the windowsill. "Please tell me he's okay." 
"No your brother's fine. This has nothing to do with him." I realize that it's Scott. "I was wondering what you're doing for the next hour." I nearly laugh.
"Well I would be at dance but now I start an hour later so I'll walk over in about a half hour."
"In the rain?" He asks. I look outside to realize that it's raining, not pouring, but it'll start to soon. "I'll go over with you." He smiles. 
"Are you a human umbrella?"
"Nah, but I'm skipping my game so I'd better not be at school." I'm shocked and apparently it shows on my face. "Your brother gets all the attention from the coach and I broke my hand last year so that's the excuse to favor him as center offense."
I sigh. "He doesn't ask for the attention. It bugs him a lot too but it always seems to happen."
"Let's start walking to that dance place." I almost start to talk but he interupts me. "Maybe we can stop in the rain."

About fifteen minutes later I'm kissing my first boy friend in the rain outside of my favorite place in the world, my dance studio. Life couldn't feel more perfect. But of course it never stays that way for me.


Not my Home
Chapter 2

"Hey Irine! I got your text are you sure you don't want to come home with us? I mean no offense to them but-"
"Jess shut up. They're better company than you. Tell Clara and Jeff that I'll be home whenever. Okay?" She looks hurt and walks away. 
Van motions for me to come sit down with her. "How are you planning on living with her?" 
"I dunno. So what exactly is happening at your house today?"
"Well you can't wear that. Just come straight over and I'll let you borrow something okay?" 

"I understand you want me to show some skin, but this is underwear not shorts." I hold up the denim 'shorts' before her.
"Trust me I just went shopping and you will not be wearing that type of underwear anymore." She tosses me a thong and I laugh. She just points to a plastic shopping bag. "And try this tube top. Luca's gonna love you in maroon."
I roll my eyes. "Um how am I getting home by the way? Or should I just stay here?"
"You do not want to come home smelling like booze. Text saying I'm helping you catch up with work. That's the doorbell! Don't worry you look hot!"

"It's official. I'm moving to Ireland" announces Luca. "I'm gonna get something to drink you want?" I hesitate.
"Nah I'll just have some of your's" He laughs. I check my phone. 
'Jessi can help you with that. I'll be there in fifteen minutes.' I check the time it was sent. 
"Crap you guys! Clara's gonna be here in like 2 minutes" Everyone looks shocked. "Jess is a little rat." Van laughs.
"We'll make her pay. Don't worry."
"Hey Luca so Irish blow jobs are good?" says a guy. 
"Hell yeah!" I blush. 
The door slams open. "Is that alcohol young man?" Clara looks furious at Luca. I feel ready to die. 
"Calm down. If parents don't mind then it doesn't matter and we're all sharing like a total of three." Van is calm.
"What is your name? I'm calling your parents to let them know"
"Sorry but we're not telling you. Bye old lady." Everyone laughs after a girl says that. I shamefully follow Clara out the door.

"Jeff they were drinking! It's her first day what will people think?" Clara and Jeff are whispering, but I can hear them.
"Clare she's my sister's daughter! You don't know what she's going through."
"Her father offered to take her in. He's been through treatment."
"How can you even think that? You want to send our neice to the man who beat her mother, my sister, and her?"
"Honestly your sister was crazy we don't know what was true that she said."
"Clara if you love me, you'll never say that again. I trust what she said and I always will."
"Fine but you don't know how rude she was to me. Jessica said she was bullying her and siding with those girls."
I cry as I open my computer and start out an email.
Dear Dad,
They don't want me here at all...


Not my Home
Chapter 2

"Morning Rina." I see Clara looking at me. "It's your first day. You don't have to go if you don't want to though" I rub my eyes.
"No it's fine. Let me get dressed and I'll be out in five minutes." Clara leaves. I take out my favorite belly shirt and jeans. The shirt only shows a bit of my stomach, but this is what I saw in all the magazines. I walk into the kitchen. Clara's jaw drops and Jessi covers her mouth with her hand.
"You know you can borrow some of Jessi's clothes." I shrug. "Really, it might look a bit better"
"I'm fine thanks. Anyway how long am I staying here?" I start playing with the cereal in my bowl.
"What do you mean Rina?" Clara looks confuzed.
"I mean, I'm not like Sarah and Brendan. I still have a parent whose alive and back home. He went to rehab so we don't have to worry about anything like when I was younger. My mom never pressed charges and I'd rather stay there." 
"I understand that you might not be comfortable in a new country, but your mother's-note- said that she wanted you all with us here. She trusted us with you. Let's try to respect her wish okay?" She sounds hurt and worried.
"I'd rather not Clara. I'm a freaking loser here. I even sound different from all of you. Sarah and Brendan don't remember Terri but I do. And frankly you remind me too much of her." I stay calm, a skill I learned when talking to guidance counselors.
"Um I think it's time to go Mom. Let's go Rina. Are you sure you don't want a shirt?" I don't even look her in the eyes as I climb into the back of the car. I just remember my dad's letter from when I was younger after he left. He always said I could come if I needed him and he was sorry. 
"Have a good day girls. Jessi show Rina to her locker and find someone in her first class alright? I love you both"
"Love you too mom!" Jessi kisses her on the cheek while I silently climb out the car. 
I hear a guy whistle and I turn around to see a couple of guys, a bit attractive, staring right at my bum. "Didn't know we were getting new students this late in the year? Jess whose this hot girl and why the hell is she with you?"
"A girl whose not interested. As you can tell by my voice I don't belong here and hopefully I'll be gone soon." I turn and feel my straightened brown hair fly behind me. Someone taps me on the shoulder and my head snaps back. A boy grabs my schedule from my hand.
"Perfect I'll show you to your first class. Same history don't worry its Asian history so we don't have any advantage. Luca by the way."
"Rina. Bye Jess I'll see you and Clara at the end of the day." She looks about to protest but Luca drags me away. 
"Van new girl here. Seeing as you're blowing my friend I get to hang with your new one."
"New friend?" We say simultaneously. "Why are you here anyway?" she asks after a pause.
"Mum hangs herself and I'm stuck with her sister and Jessi over there."
"Sorry" I shrug. "But your shirt's cute. You guys can come over my place after school today my parents are out. " Luca mutters something like as always while other people laugh. "And they forgot to lock the liquor cabinet." She smiles maliciously and I can't help but wonder what type of mess I'm stuck in.


Not my Home
Chapter 1

I clutch my siblings' hands as we walk towards the baggage claim. "Riri when am I gonna see mommy again?" I try not to look Sarah in the eyes as I say, "not for a while Sarah. We're gonna stay with Aunty Clara for a while here in America okay?"
"But when can I see her? I wanna see Mommy!"
"Sarah can you please stop? I'm trying to think." She is silent. My head is filled with concern as I run my tongue over my straight teeth, glad that my mother spent money, money that we didn't have, to make sure I'm not another Irish stereotype. I should have known something was wrong when she would spend money we didn't have, or when I had to stop trying in school to keep our house running, or maybe when she would just ignore me for days at a time after Sarah and Brendan's dad died. 
"Their father died as a hero Irina." She would say to me every night while I made dinner. "A real hero. Firefighter, why did I fall in love with him? He was nicer than your dad was Irina. I mean their dad wouldn't beat us around right? They're such good kids, look at where they came from" I would just nod to hide the hurt she was causing.
I see a familiar person in all black running towards us. "Oh Irene! How are you three? I'm so sorry you had to stay with your neighbors but Jessi was in the hospital and we just couldn't-"
"It's Rina." I interupt. "My name, it's Rina or they call me Riri and mom called me Irina. No one calls me Irene"
"Of course I'm so sorry! Let's go to the car okay? Some of your stuff is there already. But you can borrow Jessi's clothes for school tomorrow. Everyone will be kind I promise. I spoke to that principal and if anything happens there- well it won't." I don't respond as I lead my siblings to the car.
"Oh Rina, Jessi used her birthday money to buy you this." She hands me a white iPhone in a pink case. This was something Mum wouldn't even bother trying to buy.
"Thanks Clara."
"You should thank Jessi, not me."
"Why was she in the hospital anyway?"
"Oh well she has epilepsy and well that's when we found out. She had a seizure and it was just so scary for all of us. She's so excited to see you. It's been too long. Five years? She says she only remembers your accent. Oh she was fascinated by it when she was younger."
"Great a freak with a weird accent will only be friends with the freak who vibrates." I mutter.
"What Dear?"
"Nothing. I'm tired I'm going to take a short rest okay?"
"Of course. And Rina, I'm so sorry you had to find Terri-your mother. I can't believe my sister could hang herself." Her voice cracks. "I'm sorry. Just go to bed okay?"


My own life
Chapter 1

"Girls! Point those toes! Do you want to be in pointe? Yes you heard me! One girl in this class is moving up, but it's not too late to change my mind!" Everyone's energy amps up about a million percent. "Okay I am going to clap and you go onto releve right foot with left foot in pase. I clap you put your foot down, next clap is opposite." She begins clapping to a steady rhythm. I easily follow and can't help but look back to see Vanessa, a sixth grader, struggling. "Okay girls that was fine. Sit down and stretch out to start working on the dance. But I'm sure you want to hear about who is moving up. Well I have two letters." Everyone begins to whisper. "Ehem? Yes as I'm sure you all know, one girl has moved up a level, and the other has been asked to return to ballet technic instead of preparatory for pointe. The two girls are, come up to me once I call your name. Miss Sammy Tomonski." I slowly stand up and walk over to her.
Around the room, girls are staring at me and thinking. I like to think I'm one of the better girls, but I don't know. I look at Kendall, a girl in my homeroom  with her blonde hair in a low ponytail with a flower hair elastic. Her black leotard contrasts to Suzy's energetic one. Today, her's is a sparkly fabric that seems to reflect the light. Both girls are about my level. Kendall is probably a bit closer, but I'd be much happier if I stayed with Suzy forever. Kendall is just too intense.
"Miss Victoria Migman." One of the older girls, a tenth grader, approaches. "Girls, I will give you five minutes to read these letters while I explain to these girls that other girls could be moving as early as next class." Her eyes wander over. She occasionally smiles and her tan, wrinkly face lights up. "You will both come back to say thank you and then you have permission to leave as you are no longer a part of this class." We curtsy and walk into the waiting room.
"Same time?" Asks Victoria. I nod. ...Dear Miss Samantha, Your skills have improvided dramatically and with great joy we would like to offer you a place in the senior pointe class." I can't even finish the letter because I am so happy. I look at Victoria. Her eyes are filled with tears as she rereads it over and over. I offer her a hug.
"No-no this has to be wrong! I've been working so hard and I've been bouncing back and forth forever! I'm sixteen I can't be with the ten year olds! They mixed us up! I'm sure I mean I'm better! Just we have to get this fixed!" But instead of walking towards the office she walks to her car and leaves.
I timidly walk back to class and tell them of what happened. Miss Abigail nods sympathetically. I walk over to the bathroom and call my parents.
"The Tomonski residents are not here please leave your message after the-" I almost forgot about Luke's lacrosse game. I walk over to the cubbies and grab my bag of homework, knowing I won't be picked up for a while. 
"Miss Leonna wants to know why you aren't in class." says an older girl.
"Oh um I just got moved upto your class I think. But I'm not getting picked up for a bit."
"Sammy right?" I nod. "I live down the block. I'll drop you off on the way home. Don't worry we're ending early 'cause Sarah fell and hurt her knee. It'll heal fine but she needs to re-block. Lemme grab my keys." I pull on my hoody and stand ready to go.
The carride is awkward. "So um what's advanced like?"
"I think you're gonna like it. I saw you in your practice once when we were sharing dances. Our class starts like an hour after the prep one so I'll drive you home if you want."
"Thanks but I do jazz and acro and tap and lyrical and ya know most days."
"It's fine I usually stay late we can see how it works out. Is this your place?"
"Yeah thanks so much." I grab my bag and let myself in. My family is already having dinner.
"Sammy! You should have seen your brother today! He was amazing" gushes my mom.
"Cool but guess waht! I got moved up! I'll be more competive this year!'
"Sammy, we were talking about something else. You should have seen his coach! He was impressed Luke." Luke looks uncomfortable.
"Dad it was just practice. Sammy what happened? That sounds cool. Let's talk about that now."
"Oh Luke you're too modest. Sammy doesn't mind listening and this is somethign to be proud of!" He looks at me instaead of our mother. He looks apologetic, but I just shrug. It's no different from any other day.


Just Don't Ask
Chapter 3

"Dana, I wanted to ask you this with your mother out of the room," says the doctor, "these bruises all over your body and a broken arm- well abuse is nothing to be ashamed of." I stare at the shining door knob. "Is there something you'd like to tell me. I'm only here to help." I stare at the floor. "Dana, this doesn't define you or mean anything pernament. We can just get you and your siblings the help you need."
I clear my throat. "Sorry, I was spacing out for a bit, must've been those painkillers you gave me." I laugh but his face stays concerned. "Trust me, I'm fine. If you must know I was biking when it started raining yesterday and I totally wiped out. I think the wheel went over something. It was actually kinda' funny 'cause I was talking on the phone with my friend and it like flew when i went like onto the neighbor's property and like-"
"Dana, are you being honest. This is for your safety."
"Yes!" I smile-groan. "Now can I get home soon? I start school tomorrow with this block on my hand. A month right?"
He nods and takes me to my mom who spends the entire carride crying and apologizing while I cry and promise never to lie again and we finally reconcile and agree to never bring it up again. 
I tip-toe into my siblings' bedrooms and kiss them on the foreheads. "It's all okay Leslie. It's all great." I whisper. I sneak into my room and curl under the covers. 
6:15 Beep Beep Beep
I stumble out of bed and go into my bathroom, initiating my morning routine for the school-year. I apply my makeup while my straightner heats up. Cover up, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, glitter eyeliner(for the top), and mascara. I straighten my hair in about twenty minutes and apply lip gloss. Finally, I walk downstairs in my denim booty shorts, flip flops, and neon pink belly shirt.
I twirl in front of my mom. "You like?"
"Oh baby, you're gorgeous! Are those my earrings? It's alright you can borrow them. I made you an omlet but you might just need something quick- how much time do you have?"
"Enough to eat this." I laugh and sit down as Jack starts pulling on my chair.
"Is your arm better? Did it hurt?"
"Oh Jack I knew we could trick you! Mommy and I were doing a joke. It's okay though you can go tell Leslie you knew. Crap Mom, I have to go. Love you bye!" She hugs me and I run out the door to catch my bus.
I see Jessy sitting with a group of girls and I see Ethan sitting alone. I nod to Jessi and sit next to Ethan.
"Hey, did you miss me?"
He laughs. "Oh hey. What happened to your arm?"
"Nothing." I say a little too quickly. "I um just fell. And the bruises on my stomach, I fell on the way back from your house." He seems to be concerned for a bit , but drops it.
"My parents could've driven you." He shrugs.
I lean in and press my forehead to his. "But I'd just be dying to do this and then your mom might embarass you more." I press my lips against his. He leans back as he puts his arms around my back. I lean on top of him. I pull away after a few minutes. "Am I right?" He's speechless. "I won't see you until Math, third period. Talk to you then." I stroll out of the bus in front of school right to Jessi. "Yeah that's the new kid, and I already called him"


Just Don't Ask
Chapter 2


Staring into the mirror, I can easily see the bruises barely covered by my skimpy bellyshirts. I wipe another tear from my eye as I hear a knock on the door. "Leslie! Jack! I'm in here, okay?" 
"Baby it's me. Please come out? I'm sorry, but I have a surprise for you." Instinctively, I barely open the door. I gasp when I see the iPhone box sticking out of a pink giftbag.
"Oh my god! Mom you didn't!"
"Yes baby. And I got you a cute case. It's pink with rinestones on the edges. I think I know your taste.
I grab it and feel amazed holding it. "It's already set up and ready. And I have another surprise." I look at her smile. "A bunch of those new belly shirts. A ton of colors and styles. A few halters some long sleeve that sort of thing. What do you think?"
I hesitate before answering. I think of my new computer, new bedset, my first phone, thongs, and all of the privledges she's given me. I can hardly remember when it was just being nice or if it was like tonight. She seems to be genuinely sorry. She's my mother I can't hold a grudge like this. After all, it was my fault. 
"All's forgiven. Thanks mom I love you." I hug her and carry the bags into my room.
"Oh baby I almost forgot! I emailed your school asking you being in advanced placement for all of your classes and if maybe you could have your schedule early. They responded but I didn't get to see it. I'll be right back and tell you what they said."
"Crap," I whisper. I know lying about that was bad, but most of my classes are. 
"God dammit Dana! Get down here now and bring your siblings!" 
I walk over to their rooms and slowly descended the stairs. "Do you two know how pathetic your sister is? She freaking lies about everything! Don't ever be liek her!" She grabs my arm and throws me toward the wall. 
"Mommy stop!" screams Jack.
"Jack it's okay. Just-" I'm pushed onto the ground and kicked before I can finish.
"Shut up! Do you have any idea what you've done? Now they'll think 'wow that woman lost her husband and she's got no idea what her kid's doing!' Is that what you want?" She kicks my arms repeatedly. Suddenly I hear a crack.
"Ow I think you just broke my arm!" She looks mortified. "You need to take me to a doctor!" I say through tears. "Listen, I'll say I fell down the stairs but you can get infections and die from untreated breaks."
"You're faking it." She tries, but I hear the hesitation.
"I wish I was. This hurts so bad"
"Fine. You fell down the stairs. Got it you three?"


Just Don't Ask
Chapter 1


I stand eagerly at the doorway. Why the heck am I so nervous to meet my new neighbors? I look at my bike leaning against their gate, wow they must be loaded. I look at my phone. No new messages from Jess. Why does she even care if there is going to be someone new in our grade? We're in eighth grade, it's not like we are toddlers or something. I know she's always looking for new friends and stuff, but can't she wait for school to start on Monday? I mean it's in two days and I still have to pick out my outfit and find out my classes. I check the time.
6:18 PM
Crap! I have to be home by 6:30 for dinner. Finally the door opens and a nice woman opens with dark dirty blonde hair. There is a little girl who must be about two years old clinging to her leg.
"Hi. Are you looking for Ethan?" Apparently he's a boy.
"Yeah. My old teacher sent me some papers to give to him. Like class requirements and stuff. By the way, I'm Dana McCarthy; I live around the corner. But you can call me Dani."

"Thank you for being so hospitable. I know he's not too excited about moving here seeing as he will be repeating the eighth grade. But I'm sure you could introduce him to some people right? I don't want him getting mixed in with the wrong crowd. Oh let me go find him! Come inside and have a seat."
"Thank you but um I have to go. Maybe another t-"
"Nonsense! Sit down here. Ethan Burke! Get down this instant!" I look at my phone and see that it is already 6:29. I nervously pull at my white short shorts and fiddle with the back of my lavender halter top. 
"What is it Mom?" I hear a voice from upstairs yell.
"There's someone here I'd like you to meet. Now get down here and don't be rude to our company." 
Slowly a tall boy with long-but not weird long blonde hair comes down the stairs. He shakes his head slightly to get his bangs out of his face and looks at me with peircing blue eyes. "I'm Ethan but I guess she already made that odvious." He angrily looks at his mom.
"Oh yeah. I'm Dana. I just brought some stuff for you for school on Monday. They told me to drop it off 'cause I had to be there a bit early. I helped with orientation. Were you there? I can't remember."
"No uh, I had sports." He says with his head down.
"My Ethan is a national fencer!" He looks ready to kill her.
"My parents make me do it."
"No way! I'm like the only person in our school who does it. I don't tell people 'cause people make it sound pathetic. They don't get how it actually takes work." He smiles. 
"Hey maybe you could give me your number and we could practice together or something?" I nod and take out my phone. I read the number aloud to him as his mother walks away and we talk. Suddenly my phone vibrates.
"Crap! I mean- sorry I have to go. It's like past seven and I had to be home a while ago. It was awesome to meet you." I start to leave but he stands up.
"Maybe we could like hang out or something."
I flash him a smile. "Yeah maybe" and quickly run out the door.

"Dana! You're forty-five minutes late! What took you so long?" My mother yells.
"I'm sorry I just- I don't know okay?" I whimper. 
"Well you sure as hell better not do this again!" She kicks me in the stomach. "Now go get your siblings for dinner."