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hi im danielle i am 14 and in 9th grade:) right now country music and my freinds and boyfreind and family are the most important to me. i have the bestfriends i could ask for.
right now life is just life and its good but i wish it could be better. and im looking for a witty bestfreind anyone want to be my bestfriend??:) 
anything eles you want to know about me just ask:) ill be happy to answer

i LOVE country music.
i love my dog and my family and my freinds
i have the bestfreinds ever
i have joel who is alwasy there when i need to vent
i have bryce so is alwasy there to give me a hug
i have taylor who pretty much is my sister.
i have nick who is my amazing boyfriend and i love him.
anything else you want to know about my loves haha just ask.



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im a girl but i love to wear boxers thet are so comfy 

          tell me im not the only one 
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^^^^^^^^^^ that right there is what my mind feels like there is so much in there im going to explode one day...
i HATE being picked up
anyone else?
one of my bestfriends is in jail......

i really hope he dosnt hurt him self i dont kow what i would do

anyone else crying???

anyone else want to cut??

anyone else have bad grades??

anyone else not care about anything??

anyone else feel as if they arnt good enough??

i just dont want to be alone...

im cutting tonight 
him coming up behind you when you least expect it

and his arms
wraped around your waist and he pulls

you close and holds you tight and he tells you how

much he loves you and gives you a complement in a

sweet voice and then a kisss on the cheek thats my

perfect hug.
i want to cut 

im going to cut tonight 

i hate society.... 
plan and simple 
i'll be there...