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Quotes by dogblue6

roses are red,
violets are blue,
im in love but not with you,
when we broke up you thought i cried,
but that was over another guy.
you told your friends i was a trick,
i told mine u had no d*ck.
i said i love you and you thought it was true,
well guess wat a**hole? you got played too.
I wanna die
I wanna bleed
I wanna cry
but all I can do is just keep walking
with  a smile on my face
and pretend
the scars aren’t rlly there 

i got this off a website awhile  ago and i liked it so i decided to put it on here

this is the worst night of my entire life .... i don't think i have ever actually cried over a  guy before ......this is all my brothers fault ........ughhhhh this is sooo stupid

srry just venting kinda
Girl-guess wat!
Girl-I love u!jk I love music J
Girl-but your name is music too my ears..i love u
Boy- JI love u 2 

ya this is kinda stupid but i was bored so w/e lol

go on type in sean mcgee my story (i feel your pain) then click on the first one a ton of this song is true about every single witty girl and maybe about a boy to. it is true. :-) hope ya like the song

im not sure how to do borders or diff fonts so this is all i can do.

when i am confused or rlly sad i am gonna start listaning to the song truly,madly,deeply....i found it today and it rlly helped so if u r sad or jsut want to feel better about anything listan to this song it will help. :-)

hope this helps u 2
ok so there is this guy and he is 5 years older than me and he lives in flordia,he is rlly nice and he calles me his lil sis. he told me that if i was his age and if we werent "brother/sister" he would date me and now he wants me 2 send him pics of me like of my face and i dont want to date him or anything but idk wat do do about it

plzzz help

i love the way you love me but i hate the way you lie
y does 1 day of school feel like it last as long as the whole summer :-(