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I'm moving on.
That doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt
it means that it hurts too much to stay.

I'm moving on
because I'm finally seeing you for who you really are.
And I don't like who I see.

I'm moving on
because the one I love isn't here anymore.
He died the last night I cried.

I'm moving on
because I deserve better
and the longer I take the more I turn bitter.

I'm moving on 
because life works in ways you never see coming
For the record: we are NOT friends.
You don't get to break someone's heart and still be their friend.
Made my witty when I was a  Freshman in High School (2009)
and now here I am five years later as a Sophomore in College wanting to share some things I learned:

1. Having a set lunch time is something beautiful and should never be taken for granted even if the cafeteria food sucks.
2. The boy who you spent years of high school in love with, heart broken, will eventually be replaced and forgotten.
3. You'll get your heart broken multiple times while it's never as bad as the first time, it still hurts like hell.
4. Your parents become waaaaaay less annoying and soon you catch yourself wanting to spend time with them, wut?
5. Learning to drive a car is amazing, but secretly you'll miss carpooling with your friends and their parents.
6. You'll have moments of complete solitude and while at first it's scary, it can soon turn beautiful.
7. Geometry never comes in handy.
8. One day you'll realize how much you've grown throughout high school, but other days you'll look in the mirror and see the same girl who cried for months and months over a jerk who broke your heart. Learn to love this girl because like it or not she was once you and she comes out every now and then when you are at your lowest. Embrace her and tell her that you're from the future and don't need to worry because you are STRONGER and can overcome anything now. This is the most important of the lessons learned.
the thing about being a "hopeless romantic" is that it's hopeless
Do you ever wish your life was a fairytale?
Like the books and movies you see?
Do you ever turn away from the one you love only hoping he will chase you down and kiss you?
o you ever look outside your window only to hope that he'll be standing there screaming I LOVE YOU?
Well, do you?
The worst part?
The absolute worst part?
When I imagine you being
e v 
r y t h n g
to her that you never were for me.
I'm young and every time I love someone or think I do,
I question it.
I question if the feelings I feel are real
or just sensations I've made up.
never find the answer to those questions.
o this day I don't know if I've been in love
twice or three times or once or ever.
On the first day of Advent my calendar gave to me...... Twix.