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The Misfits.
Chapter 25- Andrew's POV.

I stood in the hall with Sam looking down dreading the memory of what just happened a few hours ago. I couldn't get it out of my mind. I was scarred.
I stood in the closet as quiet as can be with Sam next to me curled up scared. I heard a nervous conversation through the walls with Lexi and her dad. I closed my eyes hoping everything would be alright. Then i heard a scream and a smack. My heart started to pound as i became worried. I heard the house door slam and a car drive out.
I got up as fast as i could and rushed downstairs to see Lexi on the ground beaten and broken. I picked her cell phone up and dialed 911 sitting down on the ground next to her while she lay so quiet.
End of flashback.
The doctor came out to Sam and I and talked to us a little.
"She's in a coma, and we dont know how long its going to last. It shouldn't be for long though, we'll have to keep her in the hospital until she wakes up.."
"I'm willing to stay here until she does. Can i see her?"
The doctor held open the door and let Sam and i walk in.
There she was, looking so broken and peaceful at the same time. I couldnt help but have tears well up in the corner of my eyes. I loved her, a lot.

Nevermind I'll find..
S o m e o n e L i k e Y o u .

and i feel sorry for all the boys; who get caught in that cheating whqres trap and get played by her game.
The Misfits
Chapter 24- Lexi's POV.♥ 

   I don't get why this was happening to me.
   The guy i've had the BIGGEST crush on since the beginning of highschool is living with me. Taking care of me while i do the same for him. I've been actually happy for once. But my question is why? Why did God choose me? All i'm going to say is 'Thank you. For everything.' Because ever since Andrew walked into my life, everything has just been.. amazing.
   I looked up at Andrew and he smiled at me.
   Sam was laying down at the foot of the bed watching TV.
   Everything was so peaceful, all together once. Just like mom said.
   - A car door slammed knocking me out of my happy thoughts. "Crap."
   Andrew looked down at me and Sam sat up. "What was that?" Sam asked in his small shy voice.
   "My dad..." I began to shake and panick. "Andrew, Sam. Hide in the closet? Just until i know whats going on.."

   They went into my closet not making any noise as I opened the door and ran down stairs just as my dad walked into the door. "Dad."
   He looked as trashy as ever and had a tall brunette prostitute looking girl beside him. She glared at me.
   My dad pushed past me and went into the kitchen. "Just came for my liquor. Katherine and I are going back to a motel."
   He looked into the refrigerator around. "Where the hell is my beer?"
   Shoot. I had thrown it out after buying groceries. "Um.. i dont know."
   My dad turned around to me and raised his hand.
   I flinched as he beat it across my face.
   "Dad, stop!"
   He hit me a couple more times til i was on the ground where he kicked me on my side. The pain was burning.
   I was too weak to get up, or to even speak.
   Everything started becoming blurry and darker. black was the last thing I saw.

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The Misfits
Chapter 23- Jaxon's POV.♥

   My eyes shot open and i jerked forward sitting up in my bed.
   Worst nightmare.. I looked at my clock and date. September 11, 2011.
   My heart sank, 10 years after my mom was killed in the terrorist attack. I hated remembering this day, it brought dozens of tears to my eyes and my dad in an even more depressed mood then he already is.
   I heard a girl yawn and looked at the foot of the bed to see Rachael sitting up and looking at me. "Whats wrong?" she looked at the date. "Oh.."
   She came over to me and wrapped her arms around me putting her head on my shoulder. "I'm sorry, Jax.. I know its terrible.. I'm sorry."
   Tears were fighting for a way out of my eyes but i couldn't let it happen. My mom would want me to be happy that she's in a better place. Heaven. She's looking down at me right now.
   Rachael pulled away looking me in the eyes. "You're my best friend, i care about you too much to see you looking so depressed. I'll be here for you. Don't you worry."
   Rachael and I walked down the road looking for the stone engraved with my mothers name on it. We were following behind my little brother and dad. My little brother had his hand around my dads dads.
   We stopped at the foot of the grave, I went up to my dad and put a hand on his shoulder. We stood there for about 3minutes in silence and i heard Rachael silently praying. We prayed for my mother up in heaven. Then Rachael came and set a pink rose at the stone and looked around at the other families here for they're losses. There were so many it was sad.

Rest In Peace- Those who died on 9/11 from the attack.♥
Hope you guys liked it. I remembered the character Jaxon's mom died. in 9/11 in the character description.

even the small things
'like those amazing hugs he gives me. make my whole day.'

The Misfits
Chapter 22- Lindsey's POV.♥

   I woke up to the of the TV on. I looked up at Jared who looked extremely tired but smiled a crooked smile at me, "Goodmorning."
   I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "Goodmorning."
   I looked toward the window, the curtains shielded us from the blinding light.
   I checked the date and time on my phone. 10:45am, Saturday.
   Jared got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and change. I searched through my bag and found a pair of denim shorts and a three quarter cut, v-neck, black and white striped shirt. I looked in the mirror at my sloppy bun and my smeared ish eyeliner.
   I picked up my phone and dialed my moms number.
   She picked up on the 2nd ring. "Hello?"
   "Hey mom, hows California?"
   "Great, your dad is in a meeting." she sounded happy to hear from me.
   "Oh.. Well i'll just call back later? How long are you guys gonna be over there again?" I bit my lip.
   "Just about 2 more weeks. I'm sorry we're gone so long.."
   "Oh, no its fine, mom. I'm doing fine!"
   "That's good to hear, well i'll talk to you later."
   "Bye, love you." I hung up.
   Jared came out from the bathroom. He looked cute. I smiled and bit my lip.
   I went into the bathroom and did my hair, makeup, and changed my clothes. I looked in the mirror one last time. I twisted one of my blonde curls in my finger and walked out grabbing my phone and putting it in my front pocket.
   "Don't you look beautiful.." Jared smiled and looked into my eyes.
   I blushed and smiled, "Thank you, and you look cute."
   I grabbed my purse and looked at him. "Where are you thinking about going?"
   He shrugged, "Breakfast? I'm starving."
   I chuckled and he kissed my forehead. "Breakfast it is."
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School is stressing. But when is it not? Yeah. New chapter.

I want a boyfriend;
who is also my

The Misfits
Chapter 21- Daniel's POV.♥

   I waited outside the door of Andrea's room in the hospital. Surgery was over for her, they were checking on her doing some tests to see if she was doing alright.
   My head was in my hands i was staring at the tiles on the floor. I didnt know what to do.
   I felt.. terrible. Like it was my fault even though it clearly wasn't. I just felt bad. I just found her and now its ended up like this..
   "Um excuse me..?" I heard a girls voice and a finger tap on my shoulder.
   I looked up, she was smiling a little bit looking a bit worried when she saw my face. I probably looked like i've gone without sleep for days. I was losing my mind.
   "Um.. I'm Amanda.. I saw you and you looked lonely and i got kind of worried. After all its um, 10:30 so.. um.."
   I shrugged and forced a half smile at her.
   "Oh.. do you not talk?"
   I shook my head.
   "You're mute?"
   Shook it again.
   "Oh well um.." She took out a notepad and pen from her bag. "Talk to me here?"
   I took it and scribbled. I'm Daniel.
   "Oh hey! Um.. so what are you in here for Daniel..?"
   A girl.. she got hit by a car.
   Her face became a little disappointed at the word "girl" but she shook it off and frowned. "Oh i'm sorry.. You guys are dating?"
   "Do youu.. like her?"
   A lot. But.. she's my bestfriend.
   She looked into my eyes and smiled. "Hey, go for it!"
   I smiled for real and nodded my head.
   The door opened and the doctor stepped out. "She's awake."
   We both got up and i gave her a hug. I don't know why.. but even after that 5minute talk i felt like i've known her for years. 
   I walked into the door and saw Andrea with her eyes opened. She was a bit pale and looked fragile. A thick cast was wrapped around her leg and one around her arm.
   Even after all the pain and stitches she had she looked up at me with a great big smile. "Daniel.."

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Yeah, once again. School really bites. Well. Yeah, here is another chapter. Tell me if you want more..:)