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Do you want to know what you mean to me?

nothing. so go away.



donaldie's Favorite Quotes

katniss: *puts on coat and looks at cat*
cat: hssssssssssssssssssssss
katniss: i can still cook you.
Naill: Yesterday we saw Harry crying, but we don't know why.
Louis: I do.
Harry: If you say it i'll kill you.
Louis: Because he didn't give a kiss to his mum.
~ One Direction


 Katniss Everdeen, the girl on 
Louis: 4 sisters
Zayn: 3 sisters
Liam: 2 sisters
Harry: 1 sister
Niall: a brother
Louis: right handed
Zayn: right handed
Liam: right handed
Harry: right handed
Niall: left handed
Louis: British
Zayn: British
Liam: British
Harry: British
Niall: Irish
Cause Niall's a special snowflake.

I Can Relate:
  you tried going back to sleep
to see if you can dream

that wonderful dream again

please don't scroll
past this quote

theres this guy (tyler) that goes to philo
high school in zanesville, ohio,
he's a senior and a 
baseball player, and he was recently 
diagnosed with cancer, so we're all asking
for some prayers and trying to get the
word around. currently we're all trying
to get #TeamTyler trending on twitter. 
A tweet about it, or some prayers would
be greatly appreciated. 
FAV, get the word around. we NEED 
prayers, TYLER needs prayers. 
he NEEDS a miracle. ♥
#TeamTyler #TeamTyler #TeamTyler.

hey guys.
My name is Emily. I am 14. I wouldn't say im the most popular girl in my school, but I have great friends that I can count on. Recently my mom was having really bad back and neck pains. She has been going to the doctor and they're saying she has something serious. They don't know what it is yet, but they're guessing MS. Multiple Sclerosis. MS is a really serious disease that happens in episodes. Some episodes are severe and cause the person so be in a wheelchair and some episodes just make you a little weak. My mom was really active and had no health issues that we knew of. To find out that she might be in a wheelchair soon is gut wrenching. I can't even think about it. Imagine getting the news that your mom could be in a wheel chair soon. I didn't make this quote for "faves" or "popularity" but to show that this is not going to bring me or my family down. We are going to fight through it no matter what. I love my mom so much.

Fave this in support of anyone who has life-threatning diseases.

it''s bad enough to have to go to a funeral
but it's worse when the funeral is for

a thirteen year old boy.

R.I.P. Jake


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