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You don't know my name, but thats fine, because you probably don't care.
This is my witty that I go on to say the things that I don't dare to say outloud.
I have a regular witty, but I also have people I know on wity, and all these quotes are things that I keep hidden from everyone else.

I'm not always this sad, but this is my witty for when I get really depressed. So all of these quotes are going to be vent or depressing.


Quotes by dont_mind_me

Nobody is normal, but some people are
good at pretending they are

Don't judge a person because
they sin differently than you do.

Indifference and neglect often do more damage than outright dislike
-JK Rowling



I swear to God,
If I see one more post/tweet about how fun this party was that I wasn't invited to
I am going to smash my lap top against my wall repeatedly. Then do the same to my head.


I like doing things by myself because I've been hurt too many times.
I keep my problems to myself because I know no one cares.
I say I'm fine becaues I'm afriad of what would happen if I said I'm not.

Look, sorry I tend to do stuff independantly.
I'm just used to being my own bestfriend.


I've been trying, trying, to hold my head up high,
I've been lyin, lying, keeping it all inside

A Glass Bottle
(A Poem by Yours Truly)

A glass bottle am I,
My contents sloshing 3 feet high
Clear I am not,
But inside I hold a lot.
Some think I have no worth,
But am I not also an object on this earth?
Just because you can't see inside,
Don't assume I have nothing to hide.
Secrets, feelings, thoughts all within,
In a place where only I have been.
My glass walls, smooth and strong,
Keep my thoughts where they belong.
But sometimes, I think,
Just an idea when I'm on the brink,
What if, I opened to show
Someone what I think and what I know?
The answer comes sharp and fast.
NO! You are just an outcast.
No one cares what you think,
Even when you are on the brink.
Put your walls back up high and tall,
Because we won't catch you when you fall.
Fine, I shall not fall,
I will stay strong on my own.
But if you won't catch me at all,
Why wont you just leave me alone?
People, too many people, you see
All poking and prodding and pushing me.
I have to stay still, don't move!
Do I have something to prove?
Prove to the people who are
The ones hurting me the most by far?
But what can you do
When you know no one will catch you?
All you know for fact
Is that you cannot be cracked.
For what good is a glass
Whose usefulness has come to pass?
All the pain and the tears.
All the hopes and the fears.
The things I should have said.
My blood oozing red.
Every time I've failed, when I've made an error.
The pain, the scars that won't heal - not ever.
Crack. Crack. CRACK!
Finally, I am shattered and broken
With the things that I left unspoken.
Just a glass bottle was I
Proud and tall.
But when no one cares,
Even the best will fall.
Just a broken bottle, lying on the ground,
Kicked and trampled, never again to be found.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion
that this year is going to be terrible?

Have you ever been in such a dark place,
that you wished something bad would happen to you
just so that people would regret how they treated you?