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i love you(:
hey, the names bailey.
i blow the candles out august 31st
i'm 13 years young(:
i love my dog angus(:
and my best friends lexi, josee, ashely and bree.
i can be a bitch soo watch out.
favorite, follow, comment(:

don't jock please. i have a few but no need to name them.


Quotes by dontapologizex3

throw away your problems
and smile
because this is the only life you got and you're problems won't matter when you're dead .  

Opening Credits:  young forever - jay z
Waking Up: secret valentine - we the kings
First Day of School: party at a rich dudes house - kesha
Falling in Love: 21 guns - greenday
Fight Song: break your heart -tiao cruze
Breaking Up: fifteen - taylor swift
Studying/Working: love lockdown - kayne west
Life: just dance - lady gaga
Mental Breakdown: we are going to happen - emma roberts
Sunny Day: wake me up when september ends - green day
Rainy Day: boots and boys - kesha
Party/Dance Music:  trouble - nevershoutnever
Driving: i'm awesome - spose
Sleeping/Dreaming: everytime we touch - CASCADA
Nightmares: dead and gone - t.i.
Wedding day: just the girl - the click five
Birth of a child: i never told you - coblie callet
Final Battle: blah blah blah - kesha and 3oh!3
Death Scene: how i could just kill a man - charollete sometimes (how appropriate?
Funeral Song: say goodbye - chris brown
End Credits: when the stars go bluw - tim mccgraw 
so I was talking to this guy;
I told him I couldn't have a relationship until 
I was less busy and field hockey was over.
at the last game, we won. i ran off the field
to see him standing there with flowers
I smiled as he said 
" What about now? "


boy, would you please explain to me;
how you just made my heart feel?

oh love? how could you make me give you my heart?

i wanted to hurt you,
as much as you hurt me;
then i realized that was

d   o   n  t   a   p   o   l   o   g   i   z   e   x   3                     

and lets hear it for Plankton;
because I know exactly how it feels
to not be able to have the one thing you want
the most.

don't jock                                                                                        dontapologizex3
there's something about you boy;
that makes you utterly irreplaceable.

- dontapologizex3 
 Dear Stupid Boy,

I shouldn't love you.

   Stupid Girl

P.S. Just because I shouldn't, doesn't mean I don't.