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i love you(:
hey, the names bailey.
i blow the candles out august 31st
i'm 13 years young(:
i love my dog angus(:
and my best friends lexi, josee, ashely and bree.
i can be a bitch soo watch out.
favorite, follow, comment(:

don't jock please. i have a few but no need to name them.


Quotes by dontapologizex3

if i told you the truth;
           you'd laugh.

right now all im waiting for is
my best friend to forgive me
my boyfriend to call me
for people to stop talking about me
and for him to call me saying
he's loved me all along. </3
You know it's bad when 
you click to choose what type of quote it is,
and you don't even have to look 
to know you clicked the love button.
 and i think thats when we hold hands ----->
the most is said about us,

dont jock redoing later
you just told me*
i am the best thing
that ever happened to you,
well boy wait
until the next one comes.
he did to me
I'm still completely
and utterly
  in lovwithim*

You decided not to call or text.
 I have decided 
ever again.
I was thinking
I'm and idiot,
for ever believing you
when you said
you   l  o v  e   me.
Then it hit me,
you're the stupid one
for ever letting 

took forreva! :] 

I'm at school right now soo i dont have time to make it pretty sorry,

You just told me im the best thing that happened to you,
well boy wait untill the next one comes.

sorry super mad at bf
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