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Ozlem Akyol.

Quotes by dontcryplease

Have you ever been ignored by the person who means the most to you?
Do you like the feeling?
Is this a question? ofcourse I don't.
Then please stop making me feel like that whenever I try talking to you.

My ex bestfriend
is the reason i'm so insecure about myself

I’m not pretty. It’s not because I beg you to differ. It’s just that I’d rather say the truth to you, instead of calling myself pretty, and not meaning it.

my quote.

'your too young for that!'  
wtf, no! i'm not young at all!

'go and wash the dishes!'
this is the last time i'm going to tell you! i'm too young!


They asked me.
do i get any butterflies whenever i see you?
i whispered '.
..not anymore.'



i always wanted to 
     enter a room full of boys, and shout.. 'too many boys, where do i begin;)'

Today someone asked me what 

'witty' was... and i replied,

a world where you don't get judged for anything.


Silence is a girls

 loudest scream.