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Ozlem Akyol.

Quotes by dontcryplease

watch me as to pretend feel
No Pain.


And i always wonder,

have i met the boy i'm going to marry one day?

He sits alone,
with his xbox.

she sits alone,
with her razorblade. 


I hate when,
he acts all different, when he's with his mates.

But you said, you loved me,
and you believed me? how silly of you.


cry me a river,

build me a bridge,

and i'll jump off it.

don't be afraid,
wear what you want.
do what you want.
say what you want.
be what you want.

baby you only live once; 


I'm scared of looking at the mirror,

                                                then realising, i'm dying inside slowly.

He said your beautiful too?
oh hunny, don't get all happy, he says that too anyone with boobs.