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Heres to the people who #1
Get their situations stolen of popular people on witty.

If I get 100 favourites I am going to make a series.

Listen to we are young by fun
Its the best<3
I need advice NOW.

Theres this boy called jack, his smaller and younger and skinnier.
I'm fat taller and older.
He says he doesn't like me because he knows I like him.
But like he keeps staring and smiling at me, and his best friend, lewis 
says he keeps mentioning me, but lewis is smart, sweet,
cute, adorable, and charming, but hes my ex-crush and I still haven't
let go. But now he keeps staring and smiling too.

But theres this girl called holly, she loves lewis and loves jack a bit too, me
and her have discussed about this and were ok about it.
But her, and her 3 friends are the most 4 popularist in class, and they are always
hanging out with lewis&jack.

Lewis or Jack
{If you are reading this}
God is testing you so repost this and
he will fix two BIG things tonight in your life
if you believe in him repost

made by grace

I made a petition on

Don't try and read the link, click it.

I read something on one of my e-mails which made me smile, finally something of wittyprofiles came true.

Cancer survivor mom Jane convinces Mattel to manufacture bald Barbies

"I lost my hair when I went through chemo, and I know so many little girls go through the same thing -- it can be sad and scary. I started a petition asking Mattel to manufacture a bald Barbie so that little cancer warriors will see that they are beautiful princesses, too. Almost 35,000 people signed my petition, and now Mattel says it will make bald dolls and donate them to children's cancer wards around America." -Jane Bingham

Dreams do come true :)