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Quotes by dooosh

There's no reason to hate Bieber.
To be honest, she's a really nice guy.

Had a massive poo this morning, after which I felt very shatisfied. 


I caught a guy stealing a One Direction CD the other day.

I let him get away with it, buying it is a bigger crime.


Just saw a video of Justin Bieber winning an award and thanking Jesus.

Don't think I've cringed that hard since the ending of Paranormal Activity.


I got a bit teary eyed on my last day of working at McDonald's.

That air-conditioning was on far too high.


I saw a guy grinding on a girl in a nightclub.

Quite weird...why did he have a skateboard in a nightclub?!

I hate it when people make jokes about religious figures eating meat.

I mean, for God's steak.

I just stood on a colony of ants.

I guess you could say my feet are killing


I woke up this morning and my mum said, "How did you sleep last night?"

I said, "The same way I do every night, with my eyes shut."

Guys that wear leather jackets <3