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Quotes by dooosh

Yesterday I saw something that reminded me of you. I almost stepped in it

When someone looks over my shoulder while I'm on the computer, I open up a new tab and start searching, "HOW TO KILL THE PERSON BEHIND ME."

I knew a man who owned a taser...

he was stunning!


 If I had a time machine, I'd just keep going back every 8-9 hours so I could sleep more.

I hate, it when, people, overuse commas.


At school people used to call me "octopus girl" because I was born with eight legs.

You know those bugs that fly into your windshield? Those were the married ones.
Just because you've had a lot of lovers doesn't automatically mean you're an ideal one.
A wise man once said........................... nothing.

He just let her vent
The spider in my shower was probably relieved to get washed down the drain after the view of me he got from that angle
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