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"Just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life" -Zayn Malik

Quotes by dparsa

Sometimes its not the person you miss,

its the feeling  
you had when you were

with them


i miss the way we used to talk

I miss the cute texts, 

I miss the feeling where I knew we were both smiling at the same time as we talked

I wish i wasn't easy to get bored of.



Im  ready  for  jeans,
boots, hot choclate 
hoodies, holidays 
and coziness.


(format credit to OneDirection) 



i wish i was strong enough
     to lift not one but both of us 



do you know what its like
to wake up in the morning and just hate every inch of yourself?


please don't get tired of me
It happens every time. People loose interest in me.
They get tired of me. Suddenly they don't bother hitting me up anymore.
The conversations become shorter.
They forget about me and I just become a distant memory.
I wonder if its my fault sometimes.
But then i realize, people never stay in my life

and theres nothing i can do about it...


you promised me

that you would NEVER leave but you did....

just like everyone else.


I miss you.

i just don't know why
everything suddenly changed. I cant even put it in words.