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Hey Witty guys and gals :))
*My name is Nikki
*I'm in 8th grade
*I'm 14
*I'm funny
*I love to make ppl laugh
*I love to sing and dance
*I want to be your friend :))
*I love Viva La Bam
*I love Eminem
*^^Greatest rapper that ever lived
*Fave color is Electric Lime Green :))
*Talk to me I'm bored lol :))
if u wanna know anything else feel free to ask :))
                           Peace out

Quotes by dr_pepper_maniac

I'm talking to my best friends ex.
is that wrong?


What's my dream guy like?
Well, he makes me laugh when no one
else can.
But yet he can make me cry
when I'm in the best mood ever.
He has dark red hair.
And freckles.
I call him my ginger,
which he laughs at.
He's the funniest person I know.
and when he doesn't want to do something,
he wont do it.
I know in my heart,
that i love him more then any
other girl can.
but yet he refuses to take a chance.
He's my best friend.

Him: i love you
her: i love you too
him: not as much as i love you

what about me? :'( </3

You have no idea how hard it is to love your best friend.
And hear them say 'i love you' to someone else.



He loves me.
But I love someone else.


I could really use someone to talk to right about now...

Cute IM's #1
Him: Hey cutie


*True story

My 11:11 wish finally came true. =)

"The Miz would never say 'I'm the Miz, and I have testicles.'" ~John Cena: WWE champion.

Rest in peace:
Larry Moore
Friday, May 13, 2011
10:15 p.m.
May God rest your soul.
I love and miss you.