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I wιѕн I coυld тell yoυ тнαт ‘I wαѕɴ’т yoυr αverαɢe тeeɴαɢe ɢιrl’ вυт тнαт woυld вe lyιɴɢ, I αм.

Bαɴdѕ, вoyѕ αɴd вooĸѕ, тнαт’ѕ мy lιғe.

I’м α dreαмer αɴd eveɴ тнoυɢн I ĸɴow тнαт мy dreαмѕ мαy вe тoo вιɢ тo ever вe coɴqυered ιɴ тнιѕ world or lιғeтιмe, ιт drιveѕ мe тo worĸ нαrd.

I’м Hαyley, I’м 16 yeαrѕ old αɴd ғroм Aυѕтrαlια.

Oвѕeѕѕιve ғαɴɢιrl, вαɴdѕ wιll very poѕѕιвly вe тнe deαтн oғ мe…cυrreɴтly (αɴd ғorever wιll вe) oвѕeѕѕιɴɢ over, 5 Secoɴdѕ oғ Sυммer αɴd α wнole lιѕт oғ oтнer вαɴdѕ, celeвrιтιeѕ αɴd вoyѕ wнo wιll ɴever ĸɴow I eхιѕт.

I wαɴт тo вe ιɴѕpιred, нαppy, ѕαғe αɴd loved.

Quotes by ♡ Vσσ∂σσ Dσℓℓ ♡*

You treated me like and option so I left you like a choice 
Girl: Do you love me?
Boy: Of course I do!
Girl: Prove it. Tell it to the world
Boy: *whispers in ear* I love you
Girl: Why’d you whisper it to me?
Boy: Because you’re my world

There's only 1 thing
2 do
3 words
4 you
  I love you
"If you're from Africa, then why are you white?"
                                                           - Mean girls (I couldn't help myself)
Never give up on

your dreams!

Keep Sleeping...
If your dreams don't scare you,

they aren't big enough
him: who do you like?
her: no one
him: k. who do you like?
her: gosh! how many times are you going to keep asking me that!
him: as many times it takes for you to say my nam

I 'm In love with  cities

I have never been to.

And people

 have never met


Hold on, pain ends
Play the laughter
Pause the memories
Stop the pain
Rewind the happines