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"Life is short  
break the RULES
FORGIVE quickly,
KISS slowly,
LOVE untruly,
LAUGH uncontrollably
anything that made
you SMILE."

Quotes by dream_outloud

*Sister and Mom having intense conversation about Jesus Christ*

I still don't understand how Virgin Mary was a virgin, if she had Jesus. 
Mom: Maybe she was stoned. 
Sister: For nine months? 
Me: So the mother of Jesus was on drugs when she had Jesus?
Me: That doesn't seem right.

  *we are not christians* *true story*

Looking down at my steps, one foot in front of the other, walking home. 
"Hey, Liza. Wait up!" I hear my name from behind me, my heart racing at the familiar voice. Slowly turning,
I see his face a few meters in front of me, perfect hair flopping over his face as he jogged toward me. 
"Um... Hey, Matt. What's up?" I laugh lightly, twisting my fingers around the strap of my backpack. He grins,
and slows in front of me. "Uh... Hi." He says. My heart hammers in my chest, toes twitching violently in my sneakers. I smile in
return, too nervous to say anything. Why are you talking to me?
Me? You don't even like me. I wanted to scream, but I
only bit my bottom lip, waiting for him to continue. "I just wanted tosay that I'm sorry for not telling you before or anything, and now the
years over and I just..." He pauses, looking down at his beaten up converse. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he runs
his fingers through his hair. Let me help you, a voice inside of me whines. "Just say it." I say, softly trying a smile. My mind races with
all of the possibilities that he could finish that sentence with. "Okay." He lets out a feep breath, breaking me out of my thoughts.
"Eliza, I really like you. I wanted to tell you, but I thought that you thought that I was a jerk, and was kinda freaking out so I didn't
want to tell you during the year, because that would have made it awkward, so I waited until the end, but now I'm thinking
thats kinda stupid, cause, if you like me, and I really don't know if you do, but I really hope you do..." He rambles, trailing off, playing with his fingers. I smile, trying to hide excitement, my grin stretching wide across my face, probably making me look like an idiot.
But that was the last thought I had. Holy crap. What. Freaking pinch me. He likes me?! 
Thoughts running through my head, my heart racing. I couldn't think. I lost control over myself, so nervous and happy, I trusted
my instict. Squeezing his hand, I find his eyes on mine. He looks at me. Really looks at me. He gazes into my eyes, the
dull borning brown eyes, and makes me feel confident. "I really hope I do too." I slowly inch forward, releasing my hand from his, placing
it on his shoulders. He smiles, a real smile, a smile that makes my heart beat a million times faster. A smile that makes
me so warm and happy inside. A smile that makes me feel like I can't mess this moment up. A real, beautiful smile.
He bends his neck, just a little, placing his hands on my waist. "I really like you." He repeats, whispering.  I don't trust myself
to speak. He smiles one more time,and squeezes his hands. I give in. 
"Just kiss me, damnit." I whisper. 

 E x c e r t  1  ;  d r e a m  _ o u t l o u d
*my family walking on a street in Switzerland, meeting this really nice guy and engaging in a civilized
conversation about the country*

Mom: *in sassy condosending tone* So what do you do here? Are you, like, a farmer?
Man: I'm an orthopedic surgen.
Mom: Oh.


You'vgot mhypnotized.
I'm certainly mesmerised

I thoughwawise
T i l l  I  g a z e d  i n  y o u r  b e a u t i f u l  e y e s .

Patient: Doctor, doctor. How much time do I have left to live?
Doctor: Ten.
Patient: Years?
Doctor: Nine. 
RIP Talia... you were incredible and an amazing inspiration, beautiful, funny, and an amazing role model who battled something incredibly tough. Sometimes, even the strong dont survive.
Just keep swimming... 💗💗
One of my favorite things about Witty is that when you sign in incorrectly, it tells you whether you got your username or password wrong.

Steve, you're spoiling us.
reading all these quotes about getting in relationships and cute moments between a guy and a girl and just thinking about him, hoping it'll be like that 💚
Okay so my sister just graduated high school this year, and both of us were/are in this super smarty competitve district (yup im screwed), and soon after her school got over, she found out that a kid who was a year older than her, that she knew of, like recognized, transfered to her school because he attempted murder at his old school, and was put in juvy short period of time, and this school district was recommended to him. So apparently he dropped out towards the end of senior year, at my sisters school, and she was notified, through Twitter, that a few weeks after school got over, he was arrested, again, for container illegal drugs in his body and in his possesion. My sister, going to college for bioengineering, a perfectly average child, went to a school with someone, knew someone, who attempted murder. After she had an mini outburst, my mom was like, "Well, it's not like he got away with murder. He just attempted it." My sister was stunned silent for a second, before shrugging and saying, "Yeah, well, I'm done with that place." She then got up and started to walk away, before looking me dead in the eye and saying, "Have fun, sweetheart."

And here everyone, behold. 
The marvelous 21st century. 

This story is 100% true. No joke.