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Names Amanda , people calll me Manderxz : )
i am 15 , my birthday is May 11th .
 Takennnn ; 05-12-12
Gabriel Torres<3
i've been in love with him since 2009 &'nd i always will .
he's put me through a lot , but i won't let go becuase ....

i'm head over heels for him.
i l o v e my haters though ,
Gilly Hicks , Culdding , Foooddd , Movies , Lip Gloss , Love .
folllow my sister
( 2xoxoNicolexoxo2 ) <<< you won't regret it .
Never Give Up On Something You've Worked So Hard For .

kisses to my bitches ;* xoxo


dreambabe24's Favorite Quotes

What hurts the most
           was being so close


"I hate to see a guy who insults a girl 
or is bad with her, immediately

i think she'd be better of with me."
- Niall Horan ♥


format credit to OneDirection

If you fight like a married couple,

Talk like best friends,

Flirt like first loves,

And protect each other like family,

Then it's meant to be.


format by barneythebigpurpledino


the one you can get mad at only for a short period because you have important stuff to tell them

*painting your nails* 

one hand: perfect.

other hand: looks like a blind cat did it.

i always hear harry scream in the shower cause shampoo goes in his eyes, and louis always goes in and helps him.



When I'm not fine...
          people: are you okay?
          me: yeah, I'm fine
          people: okay.

When I am fine...
          people: are you okay?
          me: yeah, I'm fine
          people: omg no you're not let me help you I'm here for you

Zayn was once told by a doctor  not to  l i f t  anything  h e a v y  for 2 weeks.  
He replied with:

"guess I'll have to pee sitting down then"


credit to the "Passion for One Direction" page on Facebook:)


This quote does not exist.

i wonder what
he thinks when he hears

my name...
format credit: notyouraverageteenagegirl