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where i can look like a comfortable hobo without being judged


         sometimes, the one you're willing to take a bullet for is the one holding the gun 


I don't know why, but i'm starting to have a "f**k it" attitude towards everyone and everything and i just wanna get away.


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I know I've done a lot of things in the past that hurt you.
and honestly, I'm sorry.
i know you don't even care, but i thought i'd let you know

memories take uback,
and dreams takus forward.

i don't hate you. 
its just a lot easier 
acting like i do so i 
won't have to admit
that i miss you


I'm scared that one day

you're going to decide that I'm not good enough and walk out, just like everyone else.


  I'm just sick of having to act like i dont care anymore



we had a drug presentation today,

 thteacher asked whsomeonestarts

 so my friend said, YOLO♥