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My name is not important;
its my story that matters.


Quotes by dreamscollide

Today, one of my friends
told me that two girls
in my class,
cut because their idol does. 

Some people just don't understand.

I have

five friends
who have cut.

Two of them,
Their parents have been known to hit them.

Another person who I have vaguely met,
cuts too. 

 Another  friend who I know from witty,
cuts every night.

And then there is me,

trying to keep everyone happy, smiling.

So please, for me, look after your friends. Keep them happy, you never know what they might do. Last year, I didn't suspect a thing, now it is all I can think about when I am around them. Compliment them randomly, ask them when they look upset, and don't give in until they tell you what's up and hand out hugs for no reason. You never know when they need them.

And I never thought
I would say this but

 I give up. 


I hope your happy
because I sure as hell am not.


Yeah, thats cool.
Cut again 
After all i have told you.


'What does she even see in him?'
'maybe he has drugged her... '

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