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My names Mariah, I blow out the candles on August 23rd, then I'll be 15. Cant wait! I live in a small town in Maine, where everyone knows everyone and I love it. Im a daddy's girl, always have been and always will be. Orange and Camo, are my favorite colors. I love photography and writting. That's kinda why this is my story account. Im only going to be posting my stories or stuff about my stories on this account, nothing else. Im not really new to witty I've been here for about a year. If you have a story you want me to read just comment on my profile and id be glad to. Im not crazy  about the 1D stories, (sorry) so anything other than that id love to read! Comment on any of my quotes if you want to be notified about the story. I love feedback, so just comment && let me know what ya think. Thanks beautiful. Oh and if you get a minute go look at vintagekissesx profile and her story its amazing. If you want to see some of my other quotes, that arent just stories you can go to my Riahdeere account. Im here for everyone to talk to so dont be shyy. 

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toes in the sand.

*chapter two*

We threw all of our clothes onto one bed, and looked for our bikini's . It felt like as soon as we found them we had them on. "Mom! we're headed down to the water!" Angela's yelled to her mom as we were half way out the door. "Okay make sure youre back by lunch! I invited the boys over too so i want you back here okay?" she yelled cause we were already down the front porch stairs. "Okay" we all said at once and took off for the beach .

Angela's perfect blonde hair was in the cutest messsy bun, I envied how she could just through her hair up like that and have it look so amazing. We slowly walked into the water, I jumped. It was freezing. "Why didnt you tell me it was so cold ?" They just laughed, I looked over at the horizan. Angela slowly and incredibly quitely came over to me, she picked me up and ran deeper into the water and threw me in. "OH MY GOSH!! I hate you!" I yelled and ran after her splashing her. Sammy chased after us both, and ended up untiing part of my bikkini. "Smamy!!" I glared at her but couldnt help but laugh. "Angela can you tie this for me" I looked around to make sure no one else was around. I didnt see anyone, she walked over to me.

"Angela, Sammy!" two boys yelled from the beach. One was shorter than the other with curly hair that stopped just above his eyes and a nice tan. The taller one had short blondish hair that guys get about a month after getting a buzz cut, he had a lighter tan than the shorter one. When you looked at them you could tell they were brothers. Angela ran over to them, "Cody!" She hugged the shorter one, "Luke!" she playfully punched his arm, and then hugged him. Sammy went to tie my bikini for me, "what are you two doing?" Cody asked, Luke looked over at us. I could feel my cheeks getting red .


author's note:
Like? Comment? Feedback would be great! Let me know if you want to be notified . I hope you are liking it so far, I know it sounds pretty boring right now but its still early in the story itll get better, promise !


toes in the sand.

 *chapter one*


I breeathed in the fresh air, I could smell the ocean, I didn't even realize the smile that had apeared on my face. I looked over at Angela who was sitting next to me, I wiggled my eyebrows at her and we bursted out laughing. Sammy who was sitting in the passanger seat looked back at us. Angela and I wiggled our eyebrows at her and she started laughing too. "What are you girls doing thats so funny?" Angelas mom asked looking at us in her rearveiw mirror. "Nothing" we all said at once and bursted out laughing again.

We turned down the road where Angela's beach house and a few others were. The seat belts flew off and we were bouncing up and down, we pulled up to Angela's beach house, we were all out of the truck before it was turned off. We ran to the bed and grabbed our luggage and were inside in a matter of seconds.

It was a small beach house, like a summer cottage, it had a log cabin look to it but decorated with light houses and sea shells and other things that made it look like it belonged at the ocean. 


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I know its not much, just a little something to get me going. I have a lot in mind for this story, and I hope you enjoy it. Like? Comment? Feedback would be great! Let me know if you want to be notified .



toes in the sand.



Sunglasses on, windows down, music turned up, hair blowing all around. We were headed to Angela's beach house for the summer. Just wanting to make a few memories, we weren't expecting it to change our lives forever. One thing was for sure that summer would never be forgotten.


author's note:
I know its not much, just a little something to get me going. I have a lot in mind for this story, and I hope you enjoy it. Like? Comment? Feedback would be great!