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My names Mariah, I blow out the candles on August 23rd, then I'll be 15. Cant wait! I live in a small town in Maine, where everyone knows everyone and I love it. Im a daddy's girl, always have been and always will be. Orange and Camo, are my favorite colors. I love photography and writting. That's kinda why this is my story account. Im only going to be posting my stories or stuff about my stories on this account, nothing else. Im not really new to witty I've been here for about a year. If you have a story you want me to read just comment on my profile and id be glad to. Im not crazy  about the 1D stories, (sorry) so anything other than that id love to read! Comment on any of my quotes if you want to be notified about the story. I love feedback, so just comment && let me know what ya think. Thanks beautiful. Oh and if you get a minute go look at vintagekissesx profile and her story its amazing. If you want to see some of my other quotes, that arent just stories you can go to my Riahdeere account. Im here for everyone to talk to so dont be shyy. 

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Chapter Three

My mom comes into my room, waking me up. I'm laying on the floor, with my hands close to my ears, and my knees so close to my chest. "Hun, the police just left, they gave you a number to call if you ever need someone, or something." She places the small card on my bed, and you have a visitor.I get up, and pat my hair down, before going downstairs. Austin stands in my doorway, with a girl facing backwards. I raise an eyebrow, but before I can say anything, she turns around.
Her long wavy hair, reaches just below her chest, and it has a dark brown glow."Riley!" Her now familiar voice speaks, with a smile stretching across her face.
"Lilly?!" I smile. "I thought you weren't going to be here until Saturday!" We hug for a moment, until she lets go to explain that Austin heard about what happened, and picked her up. I'm not sure whether or not I should be furious that everyone's going to find out, or happy she's here. I decide to go with happy, because I haven't seen her in what seems like forever.
Austin nods, and walks back out to his car. I take Lilly up to my room, avoiding all the drama. My brother sits on the couch, sleeping. He can sleep through anything. Lilly sits down on my bed.
"Your room has changed so much. I remember when we hung up posters of Aaron Carter everywhere." She laughs. "Now it's quotes, and christmas lights."
"Yeah," I sit down.
"Riley, I'm so sorry, for what happened..." She sighs. "And you know you can talk to me. Even though our relationship isn't the same, I just want you to know I am here."
"Thank you," I say. "It means a lot... My mom tried to talk to me about it, but she thought it was Austin. Then, the guy who actually did it, showed up at my house, I've been up here ever since."
"Think you'll ever give love a chance one more time?" She looks at me. "Austin still loves you, he wouldn't stop talking about it."
"I don't know." I sigh. "I'm not ready yet."
"Of course, but you still have years to figure it out, what do you think school will be like next week?"
"Everyone will know by then." I stop to think what it'll be like. I can see it now, the points, laughs, and whispers. I close my eyes, and fall back, with a sigh once I hit my pillow. "It's going to suck."
"I'll be there," Lilly stands up, and adjusts her hair. "I'll just keep reminding you what you always remind me, to just breathe." She laughs a little.

Author's Note:
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Anyone else 
ever feel their phone vibrate, even when it doesn't go off? 


"He's not worth it."

I know he's not. He's not perfect, and he's hurt me, but I keep hanging on for some reason.  

I need some help.  
I'm thinking of a secret nickname for my 'crush', so people don't figure out who it is.
I just can't think of anything, any ideas? 

that feeling when
your best friend puts her boyfriend before you. 


those  dreams
that feel so real, and you don't want to wake up.<3



Things aren't the same...



ha, you fell in-love with my best friend, of course they aren't the same...






Maybe I think you're 

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Summer Twenty-Twelve;
get a tan. face fears. pull an all nighter. stay out and watch the stars. catch fireflies. go to the ocean. learn to play an instrument. watch Nicholas Sparks movies. fall in love. see a shooting star. live life the way i should.