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Im jus a small town girls from texas who loves soccer volleyball and just about every type of music i can get my hands on....yes including One Direction.....sorry their just so loveable<3 . if you asked my friends they would say im crazy and extremly loud which i am. if you wish to know anything else just ask.
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sugarfreak 6 years ago
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Heyheyhey! :D
I uploaded chapter 2 of Beautiful Disaster & I hope you enjoy it ♥ ♥
Today, we went over to my auntys house & took our dog, Cleo with us. They have a dog as well & they were playing around & ok, I swear they were like having s//x or doing some weird kind of f//oreplay!
My dog gets more action than me, how sad.
Eh, oh well! I have my laptop & she doesn't. Mwahhahaa c; I obviously win!
getnevercutyourbeautifulonellen 7 years ago
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Heey wittians,
Laura here! I have another account, but a few months ago I saw people were trying to get nevercutyourbeautiful on ellen, and all of a sudden it stopped, I'm here to start it up again, she deserves it, and we need this to happen, dont hate on this account.

To send ellen a email , go here :

But BEFORE you do, PLEASE show it to me first. :)

Thank you ,
Laura and M