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I'm Ashley. (:
Fifteen | Sophmore| PA.
Don't get on much,
Communicate. :p

Quotes by dropdead_ashley

[Stay silent,] at least for now,
& let me move on.*
Cause I'm so done playing these games with my heart.

I gave you everything I had,
Until I had nothing left.
& you still act as if I'm just a burden.

With you I know that I'm good for something,
Lets go &, Give it a try. ♥


 has flaws -; & fears.//
b u t »someone.
is going to [love] you for them.





Xx_; As I stare through these tears*
--- I see your lips start to turn. ---
[This world is so i m p e r f e c t.]
~This love is so unworth it.* <3

[Couldn't take the blame.]
&+ Sick with shame.

Must be »exhausting to lose your own gamee.*

 The truth is;        - - -          ♥
You never loved [him.]
You loved who he »Pretended* to be.

&+ T h e m o r e I t h i n k ; «
The more [I don't think] it's worth it, anymoree.*

[One more night.] - One more cut.
// A hand of pills; *Put this sorrow to sleep.

[Promise me;]

--That's all I want. Just promise that you'll »never forget me. Tell me how I changed you somehow. + Let me know that I had an impact on your life. Promise me that you'll always remember me. [Losing you] was hard enough, But I don't want to go on knowing that I mean //a b s o l u t l e y nothing to youu.* ♥