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Quotes by dropdeadinvisable

I almost talked to him...
Me thinking: You know what, I'M GOING TO ASK HIM FOR A PENCIL.
 Me: *Walks into room*
Him: *Looks up at me*

I'm a failure LOL

I'm just saying you could do better.
Tell me, have you heard that lately?
And I'm just saying you could do better.
And I'll start hating only if you make me..
All these cute guys that go to my school have the same jacket,
And they all wear them everyday.
I have come to the conclusion
That there is a secret orginization, consisting of hot guys,
And that they get the jackets as a symbol of alliance...

I'm on to you....I'm on to allll of you.
Going on a school trip
And avoiding everyone who came with you
In hopes that people don't realize
You go to school with those idiots..
He's cute
He's smart
He has a twisted sense of humor
He's sarcastic
He has an adorable smile
He pulls off the flat bill like no one I've ever met
He has gorgeous green eyes
He works in the library
He comes off kind of dark and broody

He's the kind of guy I could actually see myself with
He doesn't know I exist
Guess who's going to see One Direction this summer?!
One direction
Excuse me while I fan girl.
     I'm so embarrassing
I refuse to be seen with myself 
                             in public.
Group Message Mondays
I believe in true love
I believe in goodnight kisses and good morning hugs
I believe in finding the right person
The one who makes me a better person
I believe in hand holding
And secret smiles
And taking it slow 
I believe in waiting
I believe in us*
I just dont know who you are yet


 I hate it when I'm in a bad mood
And people ask me questions.
It's like "I dont freaking know. I don't freaking care. I am not your gosh darn mother, handle your crap yourself before I make you regret it."