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"insanity-- a perfectly rational adjustment to

an insane world."

i hope you all have a magical, mystical day. 


Quotes by dubweeyh

Fo r g e t      yesterday    -     i t    has     a l ready     forgotten    you  .     Don' t    swea t    tomor row      -     y o u    haven' t     e v e n     m  e t  . 
Instead, open  your eyes  and  your  heart  to  a  truly  precious  gift - today


I don't care about how old you are, if you don't respect me then I sure as hell won't respect you.

Once they stop
talking to you....
They start talking
about you...
"And when I lose
       I think of you."  
 ♥ ♥ ♥
You are trapped in a cage.. 
No one sees it.. not even you..
You don't know what it's made of.. 
You don't even know where it came from.. 
But you feel it.. it's all around you.. 
It is full of strength. 
It forbids you to move freely.. 
It separates you from your wisdom, 
and it strangles your thoughts.. 
You are robbed .
Though you don't know what was taken.. 
You're in a place, 
but you don't know where you're heading.. 
You don't even know how you got there.. 
Or who has brought you there.. 
You know you've been through a lot,
but your memories are distorted.. 
It is seizing you little by little.. 
You can't stay but you can't go.. 
You are trapped but no one sees it.. 

I wish you all courage:
courage to express
yourselves, and 
to be brave
through the process.

“What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of

someone who can’t afford an education?”

Mom: Hey that band you like is on t.v.
Me: *Bashes through my door
*Trips down stairs
*Slips on the floor
*Runs into wall
*Army rolls through the kitchen
*Skids around the corner
*Dives onto couch
Shut up or I'll f/cking murder you all. 

"Are     you    out    of    your    m  ind?"




Life asked death,

"Why do people love me,

But hate you?"

Death responded,

"Because you are the beautiful lie,

And I’m the painful truth."